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Filed Under: Others August 1, 2010, 13:44

Have been pondering the fact why I have never wanted to venture to the UK while I have been visiting Paris.  It strikes me as something I need to give more thought to.. I think one of the things is that it is an ‘unknown’ area for me.. I am quite comfortable travelling thru Europe ie: Italy, France, Greece, Croatia however having to get myself to London and do the inevitable sightseeing around the city leaves me somewhat lacking in enthusiasm and motivation.

If I am going to push myself to go to Brugge this time on the train to meet up with my lovely friend Titia then perhaps I should do the same for London, book a ticket on the Eurostar and be done with it… spend a day maybe 2 going round and absorbing as much of the culture as I can. This does of course pose a problem for me… it means that it will take away from my time in Paris which is something I am loathed to do but maybe just this once I might take the step and do it!  The other problem is that I will run the risk of falling in love with London and then my subsequent travel will be all focused on that instead of Paris! Can’t quite see this happening but then again…. one should never say no to adventure!!

Watch this space for updates on whether I go or not!!



  • Lynettem

    Definitely go to London,so much to see,so much to do and you can walk everywhere.Covent Garden is my favourite part of London,you could spend a whole day there,just taking in the atmosphere,beautiful!!!.I love Paris also but there is something about London that makes you want to keep going back

    • RDB

      thank you for your comment… I can see that London may well end up on my 'must do' list 🙂

  • Just do it! As much as I love London, and we've been at least once a year for the last 40 or more years, Paris is still #1

  • Gittekjaerulff

    No, precious. Don't you worry about ending up preferring London over Paris. London is certainly worth a visit. Take the Eurostar and book one night in Swinging London. You'll like it, I'm sure. But geez, there are many cars in London. And be prepared that it's NOT a walkable little town like Paris. You can do this, girl !


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