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Filed Under: My Friends August 8, 2010, 11:15

You’re terrible Muriel!!

Have been thinking that I might try documenting just how many Muriels there are in this selective club!

Not everyone qualifies, you have to be of a particular breed and have a sense of the ‘crazy’ deep within you. Of course most of the Muriels are related in one form or another and then there are a group of Muriels who the other Muriels have nominated.

So someone has to be the Mother Superior of the Muriels and I’m nominating my oldest sister Sharon …. LOL!  wait for the outburst when she reads this!

Here is my list so far! If I have left you off it is not intentional so please bring it to my attention asap!!

The Muriels Club Listing!

Sharon – (sister & Mother Superior of the Muriels!)


Vicci (sister)

Lorrae (cousin)

Lindie (cousin)

Kellie (cousin)

Adele (cousin)

Lisa (sisterinlaw)

Jane (cousin)

Kez (cousin)

Amanda (niece)

Bernadette (sisterinlaw)

Suzanne (sisterinlaw)

Dawn (niece)

Moira (friend)

Gitte (OPF friend from Denmark)

Holly (friend)

Denai (friend)

Megan (OPF friend from UK/NZ)

Nikki W (friend)

Laraine (friend)

Suzanne (friend)

Louise (NZ friend)

Wendy (friend from Invercargill NZ)

Enriqueta (friend)

Jane (best friend)

Kez (family NZ)

Lynne (friend from Invercargill NZ)

Sandy (OPF friend from Iowa USA)

Denise (OPF friend from Bolton UK)

Lynn (friend from Lancashire UK)

Pat (OPF friend from North Carolina USA)

Darcy (OPF friend from North Carolina USA)

Shoesy (OPF friend from Israel)

Annette (OPF friend from USA with an apartment in Paris!)

Lilia (OPF friend from San Francisco USA)

Dawn (OPF friend from Oella USA)

Anne (OPF friend from Strasbourg France)

Jody (OPF friend from Maitland Florida)

Mez (OPF friend from Sydney)

Melaney Mulvenna Jordan (OPF friend from USA)

Katharine Hutson (OPF friend from Louisville, USA )

Sue Pit (OPF friend from USA – where I don’t know!!)

So there you have it!  The Muriels Club!  I’m sure this selective club will grow in number, remember the number one criteria to be a Muriel is a sense of humor, fun and a little bit of crazy deep within! πŸ™‚



  • Adele Campion

    Ahh truely magnifice cuzzy Muriel ,,I love this club Hello to my sister Muriels love and crazy daze to you all xxxx adele (muriel)

    • RDB

      thanks muriel! am quite pleased with the listing myself!! xx

  • Adele Campion

    well done MURIELXXX

  • I need to be a Muriel!

    • RDB

      I think you are muriel.. but maybe I got Jody mixed up with you?? your are from Maitland Florida right?? πŸ™‚

  • MelJ

    Oh, dear, I am definitely a Muriel! Please add me to your select group, Roniece πŸ™‚ If you don’t, I fear I shall have to throw my ample body off of the Pont Neuf bridge and the splash it will make could send several barges up over the banks and into the easels of many painter-dreamers. Let that be on your head if you refuse me…

  • RDB

    LOL!!!! oh I like your style Mel!!! you are definitely added to my Muriels Club with pleasure! xx


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