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Filed Under: My Friends August 20, 2010, 21:39

Today I will be driving out west to Penrith via Blacktown.

The reason is twofold.. first to stop off at Blacktown to pick up some homemade spring rolls (read divine!)  from my dear friend Enriqueta (one of my muriels) who used to live a few streets away from us but she and her family have now  moved out west. Enriqueta was going to come to our ‘Artie’s get together’ in Penrith but had family commitments at the last minute and had to pull out.

From here hopefully Louise (another muriel)  and I will make it safely from Blacktown to Penrith in a reasonable time frame! (actually, we have to make it TO Blacktown first!!!) I will be the driver so having made that statement, I am not 100% that I will be able to follow thru! Sense of direction has never been a strong point for me but I will give it my best shot!  And YES! I have a TomTom, just don’t know how to use it!! LOL

When we arrive in Penrith we will be going to our dear friend Peter’s place and enjoying a ‘divine’ evening of champagne and boardgames and enjoying the ambience of his beautiful ‘lightfilled’ apartment. Of course there will be much merriment and laughter along the way and I will ensure that lots of pics are taken and shown on my return. That is, if we manage to find our way back!! 🙂

Let the Boardgames begin!


It was a great adventure! Louise and I found our way to Enriqueta’s place to pick up our supply of spring rolls and then onto Penrith to see our divine Peter! It was so nice of Enriqueta to make her signature dish of spring rolls for our GTG… we absolutely loved them and devoured them all!  Louise’s signature dish of corn fritters, sour cream, smoked trout and dill were also delish!!  I bought NZ Green Lipped Muscles and insisted on taking out the ‘poo bit’ before eating! LOL

At this point I need to disclose the fact that we did have the use of the TomTom to navigate our way there and thanks must go to Louise for her excellent skills in working out how best we could communicate with Tom during the journey.. it took us a little while to find the volume button to turn Tom up so that we could actually hear what he was saying to us.. (picture if you can the visual of Louise sitting bent over in the passenger seat with glasses on, clutching our directions and holding Tom up to her ear!!) If the Police had of stopped us I’m sure they would have arrested both of us for laughing so much!!

Anyhooo…. on we went and eventually made it to Peter’s place…where we got a wonderful welcome and got to see his divine apartment complete with his wonderful candle collection and his divine movie light! The fragrance from the candles were absolutely beautiful! When the three of us get together there is bound to be laughter and silly topics to go off on a tangent with! We thoroughly enjoyed our evening together and did attempt to play a board game but the champagne (real strawberries!) of which I had one glass really was delish and then there was the Election that we all became engrossed in… all in all a lovely night with friends!

Laughter galore…

  • TomTom moment (see above)
  • Green Button incident (answer your phone muriel!)
  • Candle Induction Course – do you know how to trim your wick!
  • Wasps in the shoes! – or lack of!
  • Hole in the glasses – attributable to Peter and Louise only!
  • Commentary on the Election! – did you see Richo pick his nose?!!
  • BOBFOC moments! (priceless!)
  • Our lovely host the divine Peter gave us both some beautiful floating glass candle holders – how sweet! I have displayed mine in my favourite glass vase on my mantle piece – 🙂

    On the way back, Louise and I decided not to use Tom as we thought we could make our way back ok… funny though, at the first corner, we both asked ‘which way do we turn’?? I didn’t end up taking many pics as we were too busy laughing our way thru the night…. question for Louise, do you know what the ‘green button’ does?? LOL




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