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After a difficult start to our Family Christmas period due to the sudden and tragic loss of my much loved Brother-in-law on 18 December 2011, (see my post on FAMILY) today was a day that I had lots to be thankful for.

Good News Day!

My beautiful son Marc returned from his year of travels bringing home his equally beautiful Swedish girlfriend Rebecca with him!

First stop Domestic!

We were up very early this morning (04h00) as today was the day my MIL (mother-in-law) Dawn returned home to New Zealand after spending time  in Sydney with two of her children (my husband Rob and daughter Suzanne) and grandchildren over the Christmas and New Year period. Dawn is a wonderful person and has always been a great support to her family. She is now 80 years young and amazingly she still is able to travel solo, though we feel this time might be her last solo trip as her return flight was unexpectedly changed from a direct one back home to one via Brisbane, which meant she had to make her way from the Domestic to International terminals on the Skytrain by herself.  We had arranged to have wheelchair access for her on departure and arrival, though the connection between the airports was a little worrying.

Departure from Sydney airport went OK for her, she was allocated a wheelchair and after check-in we took her to her departure gate and waited for them to assist her onto the plane. The guy who helped her was very kind and we said our goodbyes and wished her well for her homeward bound journey. Rob will be checking on how her day went once she arrives back in Levin, New Zealand.

Coffee time & parking!

Before leaving the Domestic terminal we both got a coffee which was made just to my liking and headed back to find our car which I had parked while Rob assisted Dawn with her bags into the terminal. Now, the funny thing is, that no matter how many times I said to myself … “3 green m” as a reminder of where I had parked my car in the huge and formidable car park and subsequently repeated that to my husband, I had actually parked it in “3 green k” …. a little off but not by much and what’s a letter or two between husband and wife right??? LOL … let’s just leave it here for now… 🙂

Next stop International!

We had around an hour to wait for Marc and Rebecca’s flight so we parked in a side street to wait the allotted time as parking fees in Sydney International Airport are a rip off! Thank goodness they have put in place a Free 15 minute pick up zone now as it was becoming ridiculously expensive!

At 07h00 my mobile rang and it was Marc stating they had just landed and about to get off the plane which was great news as his flight had landed earlier than expected. We then made our way to the arrivals area and waited only a short time before we saw their beautiful smiling faces!  I’m not sure who had the biggest smile, me, Rob, Marc or Rebecca! All I know it was just lovely to hug my beautiful son again, hold him and hug him tight. 🙂 It was also lovely to finally meet Rebecca, she is beautiful! So good to give her a hug and welcome her to our family. I’m not sure she knows exactly what she’s getting herself in for by agreeing to live with us but I have a feeling she is going to fit in perfectly and hopefully enjoy her new lifestyle in Sydney.

A Tiki Tour of Sydney!

Oliver James and Otto Jacques were the welcome committee for Marc and Rebecca on arrival home and they both made it very clear how much they had missed Marc and I’m sure they mentioned in their welcome (more than once) that he is never to leave them for that long a period EVER again! 🙂 Once Marc and Rebecca had settled in and showered and Rebecca had a quick orientation of the house, we decided to take them on a Tiki Tour (this is a New Zealand saying) of Sydney and show Rebecca a little of the city and beach areas.  We headed into the city CBD where Rebecca got her first glimpse of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and we parked the car and went for a short walk under the Bridge to see the awesome Harbour views. Today was a warm one, with temps reaching over 33 degrees which was great for Rob and me but with Marc and Rebecca coming from a cold Swedish winter I think the day was a little too hot for them.

Back in the cool air conditioned car we made our way round by Garden Island where the navy boats are stationed and headed up to Potts Point, thru Kings Cross (red light district), onto Paddington (trendy little suburb), thru Bondi Junction, and eventually ended up at one of the best beaches in the world(?)… Bondi Beach! By this time both Marc and Rebecca were starting to visibly wilt and look a little tired but they persevered and we ordered some ‘Fush n Chups’ and ate them under one of the trees on the grass area overlooking the beach.

Nap time!

By the time we arrived home they both clearly needed to sleep so off they headed to their room for a short nap which I think is going to turn into a long nap by the way they were looking!  Ahhh the joys of Jetlag! This Murielle knows it well!

It’s just so wonderful to have my baby boy back home… and yes, I know he will most likely roll his eyes and say “mom, you didn’t have to say it like that!” but hey, it’s true, I’m a very happy Murielle today  and I want to shout it to the rooftops! 🙂


a Bientot!



a very happy Murielle!




  • jo

    Nothing like having all our baby birds back in the nest, Muriel.  I’m so happy for you.  Enjoy your time with your boy and his new love.

    • Roniece

      thanks Jo, it is soooo good to have him home! x


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