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Sunday in Sydney

The Rocks Aroma Festival

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A Paris Journey… / My Australia / Sunday in Sydney

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Today, I took myself into the city to be part of the Aroma Festival at the Rocks. This is held every year apparently though for me it was my first time.  I took the bus and exited at the Circular Quay stop, the weather was sunny at this stage though with a cool breeze.  As soon as I hit the Quay there were thousands of people already there enjoying the day and the activities on display.  The festival is of course all about food across various cultures. Making my way thru the maze of food tents was fantastic as my senses took in the smells and sights and sounds of the festival. I tried lots of different foods and coffees and teas… all sumptuous and divine!

I watched some African drums and Chinese dragon dancing and then made my way to the Oasis Tent where I found a seat and listened to some Turkish music and saw some Dervish Dancing.. now, I don’t know about you but I was completely mesmerized by these 5 gentlemen going into a trance to the music and swirling around the floor for a good 15 mins in the one spot! How they managed not to fall over when the music stopped I can’t work out, but they simply just stopped and bowed and moved off the stage – awesome dancing! They followed this up with a mix of artists from Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Brazil & China.. fantastic music and singing.  The Belly Dancing girls came on then and we were all swept away with the rhythms and their wonderful moves!  I must have stayed there a good 2hrs on my little cushion in the front row and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

From there I walked back thru the crowds of people still walking round and made my way back to the main exit onto George Street and caught the bus back home. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day, so pleased I left when I did as it was getting very chilly and I just made it home maybe 1hr before a huge thunder and lightning storm hit us.. it’s raining very heavy now!!




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