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Not sure where to start to tell you about my awesome 2 days in Strasbourg…I guess as the Julie Andrews song from The Sound of Music goes … ‘let’s start at the very beginning….”

Alarm central!

As I didn’t go to bed til rather late (due to a certain person in South Africa keeping me up with his entertaining dialogue!)  I’m guessing if he’s reading this now, he will be shaking his head and saying “JM&J… it was you Murielle not me!”  Anyhoo…. I was a little nervous about sleeping thru my alarm which I had set for 04h45 and so I kept waking up and checking the time.. (as you do Murielle as you do!) Finally the alarm went off and as I jumped out of my bed I hit my toe on the chair… great!! Just what I needed to start my day mais tom pee… I just had to suck it up and continue on!

Early Morning Metro!

So walking the streets of Paris at 05h30 is rather an eerie feeling… of course it was still dark and there was noone on Rue Linnie as I made my way to Juisseu Metro. I had to keep looking behind me just in case!!  Ok, ok, ok, I have never been good in the dark!!  As I entered the Metro, again there was noone on the platform except for this homeless person sleeping on the other side (thank goodness) and so I waited until the train arrived and was extremely surprised to see all the carriages FULL!!!

Gare de l’Est to Strasbourg!

I got there with plenty of time to spare (yes, well it’s in my nature to be prompt!) and had a chocolat chaud and croissant to settle my stomach which was not coping with the early morning adventure!  I also managed to practice my French on this rather ‘easy on the eye’ French businessman as I wasn’t really that sure on which platform I had to get my train from. He explained that I had to wait until the number was displayed on the board… “ahhh merci monsieur, vous a tres gentile, bonné journee”

Arrival into Strasbourg!

The trip was very pleasant with no dramas at all, the train conductor checked my ticket and all was in order and before I knew it (after a Murielle nap!) I had arrived in STRASBOURG !

Meeting Anne!

My dear friend Anne said she would meet me on the quai side however I wasn’t too sure what she meant by that and so I followed everyone else to the Sortie and out the big glass doors and then tried to connect to her via text.  The funny thing about the phone I am using (it’s one of my husband’s old ones) is that I don’t actually know how to use it properly!! LOL  There ensued a series of texts from her to me until she called me frantic to know where I was!  You see, I was sooo slow in responding with the texts (because I had to key in each letter!!) that she was worried that I had fallen down and been hurt!  I apologised a lot in the first few minutes as I could see she was a little stressed!  Je suis desolé Anne! 🙂

Meeting Bretzel!

Anne had brought her car into the city to collect me and we departed the station and headed to her home to drop off my things and take coffee together before heading out again on the tram back into the city to do some sight seeing.  Her home is beautiful and has a very welcoming feel to it… I got to meet her lovely cat Bretzel who took a liking to me straight away which warmed my heart as I just love cats and would dearly love another one at home (but of course I have my babies, oh, don’t get me started on my babies, I am missing them a little now!).

Sightseeing in Strasbourg!

WOW!!!.. what a beautiful city Strasbourg is!!  I think I may have over used the words ‘beautiful, wonderful, amazing, magnificent, awesome and lovely’ during my two days there however that’s exactly what Strasbourg city is!!  We saw so much of the city on foot and by tram AND we ate at a great little restaurant that Anne chose not far from the Cathedral I think… simply superb food, I had the local dish of Baeckeoffe followed by some Apple Strudel! Mon Dieu!!  I was soooo completely full I almost didn’t make it out the door!!

The River Ill!

What a delight to see the beautiful river running thru the middle of the city! Just divine accompanied with all the wonderful and different architecture!  I took lots and lots and lots of pictures of the beautiful buildings… (I think my husband’s architectural degree is rubbing off on me.. LOL!!) … so much history and I really couldn’t comprehend how old the city is! Just amazing!

Anne was a fabulous tour guide and told me so many interesting facts about the city, about the river, about the magnificent Cathedral that I should have paid her for the two days for being my personal tour guide!!

The Cathedral of Strasbourg!

Oh My Goodness (can’t say God here can I!) this Cathedral is awesome!! I fell in love with it on the spot!! My words really can’t do it justice here… I will leave a link for you instead. STRASBOURG CATHEDRAL. I just loved seeing this amazing building, the architecture both inside and out was simply stunning!

A walk in the Park!

After we had finished walking around a part of the beautiful city we took the tram back closer to Anne’s home and took a walk thru the park (the largest park in Strasbourg!) which was so nice!!  It has a wonderful lake and it was here I saw lots of storks and their nests that are high up in the chimneys or trees… just awesome really to look at!! I was mesmerised in fact with how big they were and how large the nests were… well I say mesmerised until I saw my very first ………

Red Squirrel!

Mon Dieu!!  Did you know that Strasbourg has Squirrels??? I didn’t!! I was definitely mesmerised when I saw this gorgeous long RED squirrel jump out of a tree and run across in front of us, stopping briefly to check if the way was clear!  I couldn’t believe it!! Anne was a little astonished that I didn’t know they had squirrels in Strasbourg and told me they were called Ecureuil d’Europe!… but they weren’t pets and they were very timid and frightened animals…it was soooo cute though!!  I seriously didn’t know there were squirrels in Europe!  Oh and while I’m telling you about the Red Squirrel (or Ecureuil)… Anne also pointed out to me a Limace! which is a snail without a shell… hmmm, ok, it’s a slug but it was a RED slug! 🙂 

A delightful evening in Strasbourg!

After our busy day in the city, we headed back to Anne’s home and enjoyed a nice glass of wine (it was chardy hour after all!) and great conversation while Anne prepared dinner for her children of whom I had the pleasure of meeting two of them as her eldest daughter is studying in the US. Emmanuelle and Xavier were both beautiful, very tall and spoke impeccable English with me… 🙂  A wonderful family indeed!

After a great sleep in a very comfortable bed (merci Hélène) I woke to another beautiful day in Strasbourg (yesterday was also very nice!) (I think those Sun Gods like to follow me around now!) and Anne took her car back to the station so that we could do some more sight seeing around the city, this time in the northern side called La Petite France district.

La Petite France

This is such a picturesque area indeed!! Soooooo beautiful!! (yes, I know, I have to keep using this word, because it was just gorgeous!!)  Of course there was the beautiful River Ill to look at again and we were able to see the tourist boat waiting at the lock to get thru… still mesmerises me to see the locks in action!

We also saw a fantastic sight of school children in their bright yellow, green, pink and  blue canoes on the river being instructed and then the most amazing thing happened they actually went down the deep drop in the river (from the lock side) like it was an every day occurrence!  Mon Dieu!! I couldn’t believe it.. these were children of 8-10 years of age, maybe younger I think and they all followed each other and the look on their faces was priceless as they dropped! The instructor was there of course standing at the drop and making sure they were safe… one of the little boys shouted ‘we are all going to die’! LOL  It was such a great sight to see!


For today’s lunch Anne had made a reservation at a very nice Restaurant where she wanted me to try the wonderful Tarte Flambeé!  Oh my goodness, this was so delicious!! It is a simple dish of a thin pizza crust covered in a smooth cottage cream spread with onions and bacon …. Mmmm……..have I already mentioned it was delicious???  We had three servings in fact followed by dessert!! The location of the restaurant was right on the river and it was such a pleasant way to end my stay in Strasbourg! The waiter was extra nice and Anne conversed easily with him in the Alsace language which is much softer on the ear than German I think.

Merci Beaucoup and Au Revoir Strasbourg!

Time was looming for my journey back to Paris and so we made our way to the station and Anne helped me find my correct platform and even boarded the train with me to find my seat! (I told you she was a fabulous tour guide!)  I sat next to a Vicar, or Priest or Pastor, not sure actually but he was of the faith so I decided to sleep so as to not disturb his readings… when I woke he politely excused himself to go to the toilet.. hmmm.. not a good look to keep a Vicar, Priest or Pastor waiting is it! Tom pee….

My two days in Strasbourg were absolutely wonderful, fantastic, awesome, magnificent, lovely and don’t forget the word… BEAUTIFUL!! All thanks to my gorgeous friend Anne and her family for inviting me to experience their great city and inviting me to stay with them… from the bottom of my Murielle heart, I thank you!!

I hope my pictures do the beautiful city of Strasbourg justice, there are too many to post here so I will place them on my Facebook page instead – I hope you enjoy them!

A bientot!

Side Note:  All Blacks beat Japan!!  Bring on the 24th! 🙂 





  • Michael

    Imagine my surprise and disappointment to read in the first paragraph how you blamed ME for your chatter! Pffffft! If only your readers knew! I’m guessing most of them already do, but hey, just for the record, I was the responder not the initiator!

    Glad you made it up in time, given your 10am usual wake-ups (according to visual evidence recorded by Ken, Eric and I on the webcam)!

    I’ll be looking forward to tasting that lovely Schlumberger wine you brought back, unless of course, you drank it all while in that beautiful city. Welcome “home” et a bientot!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha…. Michael, the webcam only works when I’m online right??  I mean if my laptop is closed I’m safe right??? LOL!!!   

      Oh and imagine MY surprise when I completely forgot about the Schlumberger!   🙂  

      • jo

        Dear Roniece, you’ve given me the itch to see places outside of Paris again.  Strasbourg sounds simply delightful (much like yourself) and you did indeed have a wonderful guide in Anne.

        I really hope to meet you both at some point.

        Thank you again for sharing with us.


        • Anonymous

          thanks so much for you lovely comments Jo… I had the best time in Strasbourg with the lovely Anne! 🙂  

      • Michael

        Hardly Roniece, it’s not connected to your PC, but installed throughout the apartment. Didn’t Marc teach you anything while he was there?

        • Anonymous

          he did… but unfortunately it was the longest password I had to memorise for the Spotify account! Tom pee….  🙂

  • Michael

    And where are you now? We miss an update!

  • Sandy M

    What a wonderful report of your time with Anne – sounds just great as as I mentioned in an earlier reply – Anne, you will have lots and lots of company after reading the reports from Roniece – glad you two had such a good time!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Sandy… 🙂 you know the lovely Anne is a wonderful Tour Guide! 🙂 


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