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1. Notre Dame

I am constantly in awe of this very beautiful and very inspiring structure from its gargoyles guarding it to the beautifully stained glass inside. I love the ambience once you go inside and I love being able to sit quietly in one of the far corners and just give thanks for the wonderful life I have. I also have my favourite spot in the garden behind Notre Dame where I have been known to sit on the ledge near one of the exit points for hours just enjoying the sunshine and watching the barges come up the seine.. perfect when you add the wonderful french busker serenading behind me! Of course I like to think he is singing only for me! Here is a poem I wrote last September while sitting opposite this magnificent building:

Watching the Gargoyles..
I see Paris thru other’s eyes
I sit opposite Notre Dame
The Sun Gods are on my back
I am content with my day
Tourists stop in awe
At the great Cathedral before them
It is my favourite place to be
Watching the Gargoyles guarding their shrine
The tourists come and go
And I too must leave this city I adore
But the Gargoyles will remain
Constant and with love
Au Revoir for now my friends
I will return again
to the city who holds my heart…

2. Batobus

The Batobus is a ‘hop on, hop off’ water bus that connects major tourist attractions along the Seine. What better way to see Paris and its main attractions from a glass covered boat.  It’s so relaxing on a perfect September day in Paris! I love it!

3. Tour Montparnasse

Built on top of the Montparnasse Bienvenue Paris Metro  station, the 59 floors of the tower are mainly occupied by offices. The 56th floor, with a restaurant, and the terrace on the top floor, are open to the public for viewing the city. My lovely son Marc and I had the pleasure of watching the Tour Eiffel twinkle at dusk with our beautiful friend Gitte – it was a wonderful night and the weather was so just perfect!

4.  Jardin des Plantes

Now I know everyone’s favourite would be the Jardin du Luxembourg and I do agree, it is a very beautiful spot to wander thru.  However for me it’s the Jardin des Plantes! The Jardin des Plantes, a centuries old botanic garden in Paris, is a popular destination not only because of its beautiful gardens but also thanks to the small zoo, the Natural History Museum and the labyrinth that are located here.  Plus another great thing is that this jardin is directly at the end of my street! I love walking through there in the mornings and ending up at the Seine. Also I have been inspired to write some of my poetry sitting on a bench with the bees buzzing and the birds chirping… ah wonderful!  This is what happened one day last September!

A Bench in Les Jardin des Plantes
I was sitting on my usual bench
In Le Jardin des Plantes
Had it all to myself
Spread out like
Legs up
Begging the Sun Gods to find me
When this woman
French as French can be
Approached me
Obviously this was her bench
And there was no way
She was going to let me
Have it all to myself
She simply said
‘Excusez-moi Madame’
With such a force
That I sat upright in an
Instant and moved
All the way over
Cursing myself
That I had given her
The sunny spot
And so we remained
Sitting upright and steadfast
Neither of us moving
Until the Sun Gods
Left us to pursue their
Night time partners…

5. Musee d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay is a museum housed in a grand railway station built in 1900. Home to many sculptures and impressionist paintings, it has become one of Paris’s most popular museums. I took my son here on a rainy day and we both just loved it, we were in awe of how beautiful the paintings were, so huge some of them were and how simply stunning the masterpieces were, enough to take your breath away! I can’t wait to go back again and become absorbed in the presence of these wonderful artworks.




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