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Filed Under: Paris 2011 September 23, 2011, 19:29

Just some ramblings from my dinner heir soir at Chez Omar, Rue Bretagne, 3eme!


Observation 1:
I return to a restaurant
that I love in the 3eme
Chez Omar

The ambience is still the same
and Mourad my waiter greets me
with smiles and bisous

The buzz is still the same
the noise
the chatter
the laughter
the conversations

I take couscous and legumes
but already I am full
on the ambience and the noise
of this delightful restaurant

The bartender is the same
still stoic
still strong
but you know he is watching you
from the safety of his bar!

Observation 2:
The people are happy to be here
they are vibrant and hungry for couscous
If you close your eyes
you could be anywhere I know
mais non
You are here with me in Paris
on a beautiful evening
when the lights are sparkling
and the Paris night gods are calm

Observation 3:
Oh he smiled
in my direction
the bartender
behind the bar!
Maybe not a full smile
perhaps it was a raised eyebrow
but it was definitely in my direction
and so I smiled back
just in case he noticed

Observation 4:
Mourad speaks Italian
with his customers
It smiles me as he
speaks the language
not sure he is fluent
but I can understand
what he is saying
so I am happy about that!

Observation 5:
One, two, three,
one two
one, two, three
the patrons keep coming
in the door!
Maroud greets them all
and wishes them
Bon Apetite
as their food is served

Observation 6:
People are queuing
out the door
same as always
same as always
they are patient
and know they will be
seated eventually
without fuss
without fuss

Observation 7:
I write forgetting what I write
who knows I may have
written this before!
but whatever I write
I know that maybe
sometime my words
will be read by someone
in a far off land and
somewhere, sometime,
someone may smile

Observation 8:
My words keep coming
as I keep topping up my glass
from my Pichet of wine
As usual I write my thoughts
and bother not if they are right
just words
one letter after the other
that form a sentence that
may or may not make sense!
ahhh tom pee…

Observation 9:
The girls next to me
speak English
but in a very British way
They are young
and talk of boyfriends
student life
and eating in non expensive
restaurants such as this
They leave
but I continue to sit
and sip and write my thoughts

Observation 10:
One waiter
I don’t particularly like
he appears unkind
and in a hurry and
always looking in my direction
as if to say
you have finished your dinner
now finish your wine and leave
mais non… I will stay
and linger on and write
until my thoughts are no longer

Observation 11:
Close your eyes
to the noise
Open your ears
to the conversations
there are many to be heard
there are many to enjoy!



  • Michael

    Something I’ve come to notice recently, is that the longer you are in France, the longer it takes you to update your blog each day. Hmmmm

    • Anonymous

      ahhh but today’s blog is so worth waiting for!! 🙂 

  • Louise Fleming

    Beautiful friend – it’s taken surgery to afford me the time to finally sit down and relax long enough to read your blog!  This time and my friendship with you, is a gift and for that and many other reasons, I’m grateful xox

    • Anonymous

      Oh Murielle.. you warm my heart! Thank you I appreciate your comments…. love our friendship so much!


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