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A Paris Journey… / Paris 2011 / Ramblings…

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Just some ramblings from my dinner hier soir on Rue Mouffetard, 5eme!


Observation 1:
Dimitri is Greek
but he works in a French restaurant
He speaks French, mais,
he is Greek
You can tell from the way he looks at you
the way he looks thoroughly at you
with his piercing eyes
Oui, he is definitely Greek!

Observation 2:
Dimitri drinks to keep himself going
Elias cares about his customers
which is evident by his smile
He looks here, he looks there, he even looks at me
Dimitri just does the necessary to get him thru his shift

Observation 3:
totally don’t want to be together
but are forced to be
Father clearly has had enough
and wandered off to find the bathroom
I don’t think it has been a successful
evening in Paris for them
Not in this Restaurant anyway!

Observation 4:
People connecting
People disconnecting
I see both while sitting
at my table for one
I can’t work out one table though
Two girls, one man
their silence brings an eerie feeling
only broken by Dimitri who asks them
‘what you want to eat’?

Observation 5:
La Pluie
La Pluie
The rain falls down in Paris ce soir!
It brings the Parisians indoors in a hurry
They come rushing in
They are grateful to be out of the rain
Dimitri and Elias look after them quickly
They are friendly and polite and speak freely
with them all
Even the Chiens come in!

Observation 6:
The music plays
and Elias keeps working and smiling
working and smiling thru the night
His English is very good
You can tell he is educated and sincere
His smile is genuine and his words are pleasant
Oui, I like that in my waiter!

Observation 7:
The Ladybugs roam the café
Well on the walls at least!
But when the rain falls down
they seem to appear larger than life
and I keep listening to the waiters
speaking French just in case I hear
something I understand!

Observation 8:
La Pluie
La Pluie
The rain falls down ce soir
But I am indoors at my favourite restaurant
on Rue Mouffetard
where the waiters smile and laugh
and I find myself listening to their conversations
while they work the room
they talk of nothing much
but their laughter and smiles remain
and I keep listening in just in case
I understand something they are saying!



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