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Have you missed me? I’ve been keeping a low profile for the last few days but thought I had best check in with you all and give you an update!


On the market!

I’m now officially on the job market!  Oui, je sais… it’s only taken me 3 months to get my act together but hey, I’ve been buzzy! (and that was said in my best NZ accent!) After my 5 week stay in Paris, home for 2 days, then 10 days in New Zealand it’s no wonder I’m still suffering from PDP and homesickness let alone trying to find a job!

I have certainly been active though and very much enjoyed my time out of the corporate field. My thought process is still deciding whether I want to pursue corporate work or try something completely different! The only thing is I’ve no idea what ‘different‘ will be! I mean I could do anything really and the thought of trying something completely new is appealing, however I’m not sure I’m ready for it just yet… I may need another week to think it through! 🙂

A driving gig!

One of things that has been occupying my time is a driving gig for my friends which has been a great deal of fun! I get to drive a big 4WD truck (well it’s sure drives like a truck!) around the city! I even drove to Newcastle the other day on the freeway competing with the big trucks and visiting some rather nice country towns along the way!  One of the places we stopped at I bought some homemade cookies and some homemade orange marmalade… can’t beat country cooking I say! 🙂

I even made the effort to go into one of my company’s members stores and introduce myself to the manager telling him I used to work at Leading Edge Group Head Office… I guess it will take awhile to get the loyalty to my old Company out of my system huh!

Darling Harbour!

I had the pleasure of being in Darling Harbour last weekend on the Friday night and Saturday day… both visits were extremely enjoyable and pleasant!

Friday night I agreed to meet up with two beautiful French friends Gregoire et Patrycja from Toulouse France. We met them at Curio Bay on our last trip home where they were travelling for 3 weeks around New Zealand in a campervan. They returned to Sydney last Friday to get ready to continue their travels around Australia and it was a great opportunity to catch up with both of them over some nice wine and a meal at Chinta Ria. We all enjoyed the food (Thai) and the conversation was certainly jovial and entertaining! They have a blog which is a great read and you can find out more about them here: One Year in Australia

Saturday afternoon I was back in the same vicinity to enjoy lunch with some ex colleagues and celebrate the beautiful Renee’s Birthday. We ate at Nick’s Seafood where we all enjoyed great food and wine and some laughs. Of course conversation was predominately ‘work’ based and it may or may not have been focused on the new management style now being implemented and the morale levels of the current staff!  🙂  I am blessed that I still retain some great friendships from there, but pleased I no longer have to put up with the politics… enough said! 🙂

Prayers needed!

Tonight while writing this blog I learned that there has been another boating tragedy in Foveaux Strait (New Zealand) today. A fishing boat carrying 9 people (all related) capsized and 7 people are missing feared drowned. This brings back painful memories for my dear cousin who lost her son aged 9yrs in a similar boating tragedy just off Bluff 6 years ago. It’s was such a loss, with 6 out of the 9 people losing their lives. The Bluff community will certainly take some time to recover from today’s tragedy. Please hold them in your thoughts and prayers, they will need them all.

Read further details here: Bluff Boating Tragedy

Kia Kaha to the Whanau’s…


a Bientot!

Je vous embrasse tous






  • Denisefrombolton

    Well maybe you can get a job as a lorry driver.  Queen of the road!  just think of all those truck drivers and greasy spoon stops!  You would travel a lot! LOL!

    • Roniece

      as long as I can wear my high heels and a dress Muriel!!  LOL 


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