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A Paris Journey… / Paris 2012 / My view…

Filed Under: Paris 2012 September 6, 2012, 17:41

Lunching on Rue St Jacques

at Bonbonniere Brassiere

people are locals here

they sit outside like me

enjoying the Paris Sun Gods

on their faces and backs


The lady serving me is very nice

she smiles

she is patient with my French

I like her

Maybe I need to be a bit more discerning

as I tend to like everyone I meet

even my waiters!

Mais non

I will stay true to myself


An old woman

enjoys a glass of her favorite red

in the sun

she is old but very spritely

she is dressed in a red jacket with a touch of blue

she is a proud French woman I think!


A man on a bike approaches

he is clearly hungry for food

he is a tourist so the chance of me

liking him might increase three fold!


Two work colleagues sit next to me

he is clearly into her

she is playing the game

a smile here

a gentle touch of his arm

I think they might be lovers in fact!


and soon my lunch is over

and the lovers leave

not surprisingly hand in hand!



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