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My best friend is Jane De Souza…

We have been friends for over 10yrs and our friendship has been one of ups and downs..mostly ups which is a great thing! We have had some wonderful times together and I value her friendship immensely.

I will list and expand on some of the funniest times we have had together..

  • Cruising together around the Pacific and sitting with a group of older Opal Miners for dinner – lots of laughter and at the end of the cruise they presented Jane and me a beautiful opal each to thank us for our company.
  • Also on that cruise we met a boy who caught a seabird late at night out on the deck and told us that it was a Penguin and that it had ”flown’ onto the ship! Of course we believed him and happily regaled the story to the opal miners who were just flabbergasted that we both thought Penguins could fly!! yes, yes, we now know they can’t! LOL
  • One of the Pacific islands (Vanuatu) we visited we took a taxi with the opal miners to a restaurant for dinner and got a taxi back to the ship late at night… now I don’t know about you, but seeing 2 drivers in one cab scared the bejesus out of me and I was very reluctant to get in the cab for fear of being kidnapped!  I made a big thing out of that and told the driver under no circumstances we would get in his cab unless the other driver moved away from the car! Apparently  he was only wanting to open the door for us.. 🙂 mind you we did have the big burly opal miners to protect us so really all I did was confuse the poor taxi men and flummox our opal miners! LOL
  • Oh and then there was the time that I was waving madly at a truck load of indigenous Vanuatins in the main street – merely to be friendly like and Jane told me off real good and said she was going to tell the opal miners at dinner and they would tell me off too! … I swear I was just being friendly and the like! LOL
  • Another cruise we took together was on the Costa Victoria out of Venice for a 8 day cruise. The ship was enormous and catered for 2,500 people! Now those of you that know me well know that I like to find out people’s name first up in the conversation and remember it for future use… hmmm, I quickly came to the conclusion that 2,500 people to meet and greet each morning was really a little much for me!  Jane assured me that noone would notice! LOL
  • One day we went to a large shopping complex in Sydney and Jane as always was my navi …we got there ok but it was in the leaving that we got a little lost!  We ended up in ‘gods zone country’ according to these 2 elderly gentlemen who we asked for directions after the 5th drive by their house .. couldn’t quite find the exit from paradise it seemed! LOL
  • Another time when we were in Paris we met this wonderful young man Karim who escorted us back to our Hotel late at night (he was a waiter sweeping the sidewalk after closing his bar) and so we invited him in for a glass of wine. He took a liking to our lovely Jane and gave her his mobile number. The next day as we were walking along the Champs Elysees Jane left a message on his mobile and for some reason she felt the need to speak with a French accent and all I heard was ‘Karim, it’s Jane, I will call you ‘to mo rrrr ow’ !  I literally had to squat down on the footpath as I was laughing my ass off!!! Still to this day we laugh about that!!
  • Another lovely young man we picked up while waiting for the lights to change was Federick, an artist carrying a broken bird cage! LOL!  We ended up going to his apartment somewhere in the 5th and tidying up his very very very very messy apartment – being an artist in Paris apparently allows one to be very, very, very, messy!  He visited us in our Hotel room and while we chatted and drank and laughed he sketched each of us (there were 3 girls). It was a fun night!

Best leave the rest for later!! 🙂

Last year was a particularly challenging year for Jane and her family… this year she is almost back to her vibrant, exuberant, lovable self and I hope she continues in good health for many years to come. Last night we celebrated her Birthday with a lovely dinner and some of her good friends and family, a great night was had by all!

Love you Jane, love your friendship, love your joie de vivre!!




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