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A Paris Journey… / Paris 2011 / Musings…

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Just some thoughts that I need to get out of my head…if I don’t then they won’t leave me til I do!


You took my heart away
He said
Ah but when is the expiry date
she said
I hope it never expires
He said
but everything expires
she said
No, not for me
He said
I can’t give you more
She said
It’s ok, I only need to see your smile
He said
Well I hope my smiles smile you forever
She said
And with that a friendship was forged
And smiles were stored for a rainy day



Everything flows
And everything goes
Nothing stays the same
And nothing will
You can’t stay sad
You can’t stay mad
just smile
for smiles make the
world go round
smiles make the world
go round
and things work out in the end
they always do..


It’s your eyes that undo me
They look at me
From deep pools of brown
That pull me into you
And I am helpless
To resist
It’s your smile
That undoes me more
When you stop
What you are doing
to see me
It’s your smile
That simply says
I’m here
You’re here
What next….


It’s you
It’s me
It’s history
And memories
And stories shared
And laughter heard
And secrets told
And so much more
For you are in my heart
Forever to the end


You are ever constant
In my thoughts
And even though our time together
Is in the past
I still see you in my dreams
And your smiles
Revive my thoughts
And hold me fast
They hold me fast


© 2011 Roniece.com




Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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