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Filed Under: My Friends October 26, 2010, 19:52

Thanks to Facebook, I now have “The Muriels Club” page and chat function up and running!

And for those of you that are reading this and wondering what the hell this is about, quite simply, it came about amongst my sisters and closest cousins .. all of whom saw the movie “Muriel’s Wedding’ and in the movie there was this famous line…

You’re terrible Muriel’..

so whenever the opportunity arose to fit those lines into a conversation, we did! 🙂  These days we usually refer to each other as ‘Muriel’ and yes it can become a little confusing when there are more than two Muriels having a conversation! LOL!

The pic I chose on behalf of the muriels is the one above … I think it represents all muriels in a positive way.. it says we are fun, we savy, we are chic, we are each different and most of all we know what we want! 🙂

Unfortunately it is a closed group (however muriels can add their friends!) and only available to selected muriels and those that have been added have the option to opt out without fuss or recrimination.. though it will be duly noted !! LOL

It’s all about fun really and if it can bring smiles and laughter then why not! 🙂

Currently there are 50+ Muriels WORLDWIDE and if by chance you are reading this and are not in the Club then simply let me know and I will add you with pleasure! Of course…… it is gender specific at this stage however, I could be persuaded to add you if you are of the persuading kind! LOL

So here’s to my Muriels.. may we continue with our Murielness forever and a day!





  • framboise et rose

    Lovely to be a Muriel from San Francisco!
    Don’t want to be duly noted so “Je reste a Muriel, toujours!” (LOL!)

  • RDB

    thanks muriel.. great to know you want to be part of the muriels club!
    Bisous de Sydney
    RDB xx

  • j

    Long reign the MURIELS

  • Michael Salone

    Pffft “Unfortunately it is a closed group” !  I’m thinking about starting a “Frustrated Muriel Voyeurs” page just so we can talk about that closed group. Yeah, yeah, that’s it…

    • Anonymous

      hahaha… oh Michael you are so funny!!! xx I could make you an ‘honorary muriel’ but I would have to seek consensus first from the muriels!! LOL 

      • Michael Salone

        No, no, no…I don’t need any more groups, contacts, connections, links, nothing…I just can’t keep up. And imagine me a midst a group of Muriels that you stirred up, I’d be dead meat! No, thanks just the same. Go ahead and Murielise on your own. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          LOL!  right then…. we will carry on the Muriel Show without you lovely boy but you better not change your mind because it was a one time offer only!  🙂   


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