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Departure day finally!

I was up extra early this morning as I was in the city the night before attending our Jewellery Conference for work which meant a late night and an early start to get the Trade day set up prior to me leaving the venue in time to get home, finalise my packing and get to the airport!

I caught a cab from the Hotel to home and managed to secure the same one for a couple of hours later to come back and take me to the airport which was a good thing as it meant I didn’t have to book one and hope they showed up! My taxi driver was named Steve and he was nice and chatty and kept me entertained on the 30 minute drive!

Check In – Emirates EK419 – Sydney/Dubai!

Isn’t it nice to be given a smile! That’s exactly what I was offered as I approached the Emirates check in at Sydney Airport!  After waiting in line for a short time for the desk to open I was greeted with a warm smile and eye contact by this wonderful young man who I found out was named John and who was able to secure my bag to be checked thru to Marseille even though I was connecting with Air France out of Paris CDG. He said that it was the best option as I might run out of time to make my connection in the time frame I had. His customer service skills were excellent I was very happy that I had the opportunity to connect with him. I told him I would write about him on my blog which is exactly what I’m doing now!


A non event for customs, no sniffer dogs, no drug test, no beeping of the xray machine!  I waited in the lounge to board and read a bit before we were asked to board in sections. My seat allocation was 18C which was an aisle seat as I requested, I always prefer the aisle as it’s easier to get out and in during the flight. Settled into my seat quite ok with everything working just to my liking and I was very lucky it was in the first section, 2nd row behind Business Class! My companions in my row were a lovely young couple from Ultimo in Sydney on their way to see the girl’s family in Manchester. He was a Maori boy from Auckland and wearing an AB’s tshirt so we were able to talk about the World Cup and both of us were anxious find out what the score was against the Wallabies on that night…. I still don’t know how we went so will have to rely on my Muriel Louise to fill me in on her Facebook page!

The flight was very smooth and full no spare seats anywhere that I could see but it didn’t really bother me as I was very comfortable in mine up the front! Our first stop was via Bangkok where we arrived at 1am and as we were allowed to stay on the plane while they refuelled that is what I did as there was only turnaround of 30 minutes before the passengers had to board again.  One thing I was pleased to see was that they took the security issue very seriously by announcing clearly that passengers disembarking the aircraft for the 30 minutes had to take all their luggage from the overhead lockers with them….. well, clearly a lot of people didn’t listen and so they removed their luggage and placed it out at the front on the air bridge and then gave each of them a stern talking to when they retrieved it! Also, for those of us that stayed on the aircraft we had to identify our hand luggage and show our boarding passes so all in all it was a good effort and a big tick for their security practices!

Dubai/Paris EK73 – Emirates A380!

I was again very fortunate with my seat allocation for this sector and ended up 2nd row at the front of this enormous aircraft just inside the entry doors (first class/business class was upstairs) where I was able to peer inside the cockpit prior to take off (lots and lots and lots of buttons there) and had a very comfortable flight where I managed to sleep a little and watch some French movies. The flight attendant assigned to our section was named “Mats” and I have to tell you he was just fantastic thru out the whole flight! His warm engaging smile and impeccable manners were just a delight and again, a smile costs nothing but it can bring you such joy! I will endeavour to write a note of thanks to Emirates for the great service their staff gave me on all sectors.

Landing in Paris!

So, after a very smooth landing on the A380 (seriously, I didn’t even feel the wheels touch the tarmac!) at CDG, I made it off the aircraft and very quickly found the transfer desk in order to get to my correct Terminal of 2F for my Marseille connection. It was extremely easy and I was assured that my luggage was enroute to the Air France flight so I didn’t have anything to worry about! I was given my boarding pass and proceeded downstairs to wait for the free Green Shuttle that would take me from Terminal 2C to Terminal 2F.  It was so nice to get the view of the airport from the airside with so many planes to see along the route. As I was going thru the xray I beeped not once but twice so on the third time I was asked to stand on the big red feet and place my arms out either side while I was searched quite firmly by this female officer while about a dozen of her male colleagues all watched.. tom pee, I just took it in my stride and smiled!

Paris/Marseille – Air France AF7666

I do enjoy flying Air France, their aircraft are sleek and their flight attendants have always been very nice to me however there was a moment today when I thought we weren’t going to take off! We were boarded on time however it appears our Captain couldn’t make the plane start and we spent a good 40 minutes on the tarmac trying to get some power!  All worked out and he kept apologising in his very beautiful French and equally poor English how much he was sorry we were over time!

Arrival time into Marseille!!

The flight was comfortable and again I had the good fortune of “sitting up like Jackie” in the front, 2C which I was more than happy about!. Landing was ok, a little swerve here a little swerve there… you get my drift… maybe the Captain was seeking his revenge on the plane for taking off late! J

Meeting my good friends Jung et Marc!

The true gift of friendship can’t be bought and it was just wonderful and awesome to meet my dear friends Jung and Marc Dupuy who as promised were waiting at the airport to welcome me! Beautiful Jung had her video ready to capture me coming thru the arrivals gate and Marc was smiling his lovely big smile and I was just so happy and delighted to see them both!!

We waited only a short time for my suitcase to arrive on the conveyor belt and again I want to thank my dear friend Evelyn Cassar (Sydney) who booked my ticket on Emirates and gave me the tip to ask if they could thru check my luggage on Air France to Marseille – one very happy Muriel when it turned up I can tell you!

The Sun Gods were indeed smiling on Marseille today and there was a wonderful breeze that made me instantly feel like I was back in Sydney on one of our fantastic summer days! It was a short drive from the airport to the city of around 30 minutes no more and my first view of Marseille was breath taking as we came thru a tunnel and on my right I saw the sun glistening on the beautiful blue ocean, a huge ocean liner was berthed at the port and the magnificent cliffs surrounding the city was something I will savour in my memory bank for sure!

Le Loft du Vieux Port Apartment

We found the apartment and Jung very kindly let me call my landlord, Romain Pascal using her mobile to say I had arrived. He came straight away and after introductions were made, he took us up the wide stone staircase to the top floor. Marc very kindly offered to carry up my 20kg suitcase and for that I am very thankful as there was no way I would be able to do it!! Merci Beaucoup Marc!!

The loft apartment was very nice and exactly as the pictures displayed it on the website, it almost felt like I had been there before!.  Romain showed me around the apartment and all the little quirks and then he left.

Marc very kindly set up my wifi on my laptop so that I can use it in the apartment and then set up the SIM card on my mobile which my dear friends in Paris, Michael and Eric had sent me to use while I am in Marseille and Paris. I do have  the most amazing friends around the globe and am very blessed that you all are in my life!

After that was complete Jung said that perhaps we needed to go find a super marche and purchase some items for my fridge as they were concerned that not much would be open tomorrow being Sunday. So, down the windy wide staircase we went and found the little super marche not far from my apartment where I bought some yoghurt, bananas, water, tea and where Marc gave me a tip on a good red wine to purchase – gotta love that!

After saying goodbye to them, I then came back up to my apartment and showered and settled in to write my blog for you all but alas by around 21h00 I was so tired and had to go rest… I woke again around 03h30 thinking it was already morning (which it was, however when I looked out my window, the bar across the street still had patrons sitting outside) so I figured pretty quickly I was a tad early for breakfast! I managed to blog a little more before sleep overtook me and when I woke again it was at a more respectable hour of 08h00!

Will leave it here for now as I need to go start my day in Marseille!!

I will hopefully take some photos today and will add them as I go..


RDB from beautiful Marseille!



  • Oh Roniece you write so well, I feel like I’m with you, you darling Muriel!  Of course you found the trip parfait, like attracts like remember!  You are going to have a blast and I’m going to love reading every step of your trip, big hugs, Lise xxxx

    • Anonymous

      merci Muriel!! You know those are the exact same words my lovely friend Marc told me… ‘like attracts like’… 🙂  Thanks for reading me xxx

  • Angela Broomhall

    I’m following you Muriel!! I know you will have a great time. <3

    • Anonymous

      merci Muriel!!! xx

  • Adela_petroesc

    I love your writing ! Is so full of positivity and warm thoughts. You have all the best because you deserve it beautiful Roniece. Let me know when you come to Paris so that we can meet! Have a great time in Marseille and enjoy every little bit of it! Huuugs :*:*:*:*

    • Anonymous

      merci my lovely Adela! I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile in Paris!! xx

  • I’m proud for having received  the “Muriel Chief Officer Executive” !

    An i really hope you wil enjoy Marseille !

    • Anonymous

      merci my lovely friend!! I am loving Marseille! I will see you and Jung shortly xx

  • Jo

    Wow, already blogging on your first day!  You know what your fans want, lol.  Have a lovely time in Marseille.


  • Ahhhhh this conjures up memories of my last flight to Paris, will tell you all about it over a coffee or cocktail on your return 🙂

    You totally cracked me up when I read this, “tom pee, I just took it in my stride and smiled!”!

    I haven’t seen “tant pis” (“never mind”) written like this before and had a good belly laugh, thanks Muriel!


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