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Lunch with friends…

an almost Kiwi affair!

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Here’s to a Great Kiwi Chick!

Today I went to lunch to celebrate my friend Louise’s Birthday (which is on 21/12).

A group of us went to SIGNORELLI GASTRONOMIA which is a delightful restaurant in the city opposite the Casino. The restaurant is also an Italian Deli and you are surrounded by some quality products, including all the best meats, cooking oils and a whole range of other delicious tidbits!  They have a cheese room, a wine room and a sparkling room and their range is extensive.

We sat at one long continuous table and enjoyed pizzas and pastas and some very nice wine, along with some great conversation and laughter.  They are focused on customer service which is very pleasing and the atmosphere is relaxed and definitely welcoming!

Louise is a New Zealander – a great Kiwi chick (and one of my muriels!) – she has an awesome sense of humor (doesn’t every New Zealander though?) and her friends and family are some of the nicest people I have met. Our other mutual friend Peter (the divine one) was there too and it was great to touch base again and enjoy each other’s company.

I really am thankful for some wonderful friends that are in my life today….

Happy Birthday Louise! xx



  • Louise Fleming

    You rock Muriel – luv you GF! xx


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