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It’s been awhile since I have posted here!  But thanks to my long time dear friend who I speak of below, he has inspired me to write! So, here goes people!


The importance of laughter!

Alors… a long time dear friend of mine came to visit me last weekend in Paris and I was privileged and lucky enough to spend time with him during his stay.

Meeting (after 6 years) on the platform at Gare de l’est we hugged a warm hello and fell instantly into laughter like it was only yesterday! It felt like we were being transported back to our Sydney event days where I was his client and he went over and beyond my expectation to always deliver! He has this way of seeing the best in people and he most definitely brings out the best in me in terms of laughter! Just one word from him can cause us to banter back and forth non stop and laugh ourselves silly without a care in the world! For example we went shopping on the Champs Elysees to one (of many) of his favourite stores where we each took time to browse the various sections. When I eventually found him in the men’s section he gave me a startled wild-eyed (no words!) look as if to say ‘who are you and why are you speaking to me?’ He then told me for an instant he thought he was in their Barcelona store and not Paris and couldn’t for the life of him recognise me! We both laughed hysterically and from that point on I may have begged him to give me the look again and again and again just so our laughter would continue!


I love how generous and kind-of-heart people can be. I see this everywhere I go but in particular my friend from Singapore has all these qualities in him and more. He never fails to see the positive side of everything and that is why people love him just like I do. His heart simply shines with love for people. I wholeheartedly believe in paying it forward and I see this same quality in my darling friend. He inspires me to do more!

Kindness of hearts!

People with kind hearts are everywhere and you don’t need to go far to find them! For example, Nina, who sits every day on the corner of my street begging for money to send home to her children in Romania but yet she always waves and smiles when she sees me. She even took the time to enquire after my son and his fiancé who had visited me from Sweden a couple of weeks back. Another example of having a kind heart are the guests from my volunteer work with the American Cathedral in Paris. I have been absent for awhile due to work commitments however, last week I managed to attend and take my friend who was visiting from Singapore. I was overwhelmed with joy that the guests still remembered me and gifted me with their smiles and bises! Yes, kind-hearted people are everywhere, we just need to take the time to open our eyes and acknowledge them.

Remember, it costs nothing to smile at a stranger who may well be in need of one and by gifting them yours, they in turn can pass that on to someone else. One of my favourite motto’s in life is ‘be kind and kindness will follow”. So, if we all take a moment in our day to spread our love, our generosity, our kindness of heart and most of all our laughter to those in need then I’m sure our hearts will shine a little brighter and in turn make our burdens a little lighter.

So… shine on with love in your hearts I say!

Thank you for reading me.

a bientot!






  • Jane

    When you describe your friend’s attributes, you are describing yourself! You are kind and loving and so generous to others. Especially to people who others ignore. You are one of a kind…the best kind! Looking so forward to reconnecting next week, My Bestie! Bises from Ohio!

    • Roniece

      thank you bestie! I can’t wait to hug you! 🙂 xx

  • Denise

    You teach me so much Roniece, not just by your words but by your example. Xx

    You don’t know it but this is YOU.

    • Roniece

      oh how beautiful you are to me my lovely! Thank you! I think we all can make a difference in some way or other to those in need… I know you do this so well. xxx


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