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Can’t really say ‘Kia Ora’ now as I’m no longer in my homeland of New Zealand… I guess I can’t really say ‘Bonjour’ either as I’m no longer in my second home of Paris…mais tom pee!


Farewell Aotearoa!

Our 10 days in the Land of the Long White Cloud came to an end and we reluctantly had to say goodbye to my family with promises of a mini family reunion in Sydney in June. That alone will keep me going!  We were on the road early morning as our flight was departing from Queenstown at 09h30 so we were up at 04h00 (which was 02h00 Sydney time!) and left Invercargill just after 05h00. We had no problems with the drive (well my lovely husband drove while I napped… as you do Murielle, as you do!) and at that hour there was hardly any traffic on the road!

The only thing that irked me was that the Dairy wasn’t open on our way thru Kingston for me to stop and buy my last Jimmy’s Pie! Maybe I can look at importing them to Australia, I’m telling you they are the best mince pies I have ever had in my life! 🙂

Check in completed we had some time to enjoy a breakfast of eggs on toast (I love eggs!) and a good cup of coffee before we boarded the flight. As we were standing in line waiting for Passport Control (much friendlier than the CDG Passport Control too!) an elderly couple commented that they had seen me on their flight coming over from Sydney and said they recognised my dress (yes, I was wearing the same dress (which I bought in Paris!) but I had washed it!) and my smile! At that point I was wondering if they were going to start calling me Murielle! 🙂

Flounders, Paua Shells et Lollies!

My wonderful Uncle Keith had very generously filleted some of the Flounders he and Rob caught the other day at Oreti Beach and he gave them to us packed in ice in a special container to take back to Sydney. I was initially worried about getting them thru Customs at Sydney and of course we declared them along with the beautiful Paua Shells Sharon had given Rob in memory of Ian. We also had New Zealand lollies and both of us declared our stash. We were directed to the Quarantine line and I was expecting the guy to open up the box with the fish in it but he wasn’t interested at all and I even showed him my Paua shells and pointed to where my stash of lollies were but still he wasn’t interested and just waved us thru! Rob said it was because we didn’t fit the stereo type of drug mules! LOL

Sydney Sun Gods!

The only thing that made me thankful for returning to Sydney was the weather! We arrived to a hot and humid day around 25 degrees which was a pleasant change to the weather we had while we were home!  I hear that Paris is now enjoying some Spring like days with temperatures climbing to the mid teens! Ahh.. how I miss the Paris Sun Gods!

Marc and Rebecca picked us up from the airport and my babies were waiting anxiously for us when we arrived home.  They of course missed their Daddy first and me second … mais tom pee…  I still managed to get snuggles from my Oliver James and later in the day Otto Jacques came and snuggled next to me and the love was restored in full!

Post Paris Depression! (PPD)

The Jetlag Gods were very kind to me this time so I am going to say nice things about them here! They only had me in their hands for around 5 days which is a new record for me I think! Maybe it was the change in time zone thingy that had me at 12hrs difference as opposed to 10hrs difference, I’m not sure, and I definitely didn’t argue with them, but all in all, it was an OK experience for me. 🙂

As for my PPD, I’m afraid it has set in and I can’t seem to shake the feeling of missing my daily walks along Rue Monge or visiting Mustapha and Marie Chantal at Bar du Palais or seeing my favorite icon Notre Dame overlooking the Seine.  So many things I miss about Paris! I miss the connection and daily banter with my dear friends Michael and Eric, I miss seeing Heather’s beautiful smile, I miss taking coffee with Hammadi et Malik, I miss my beautiful UK friends Denise and Lizzie, I miss shopping and laughing with my gorgeous friend Jane from Ohio, I miss lunching with my new friends Dawn and Jim from Maryland. In short….  I just miss it all…

C’est ok, elle est ce qu’elle est! and I know I will get thru it, but at least allow me a few more days to wallow in my PPD before I start looking for a new job!


a Bientot!


Je vous embrasse tous!





  • Denisefrombolton

    Ah PPD!   the scourge of the Paris addict!  there is no cure Muriel but to start to plan another trip….September for the vendage!  Good luck with the job hunting.  Plan your trip now, then you can tell new employers it’s already arranged.

    • Roniece

      Thanks Muriel! 🙂 Still looking for that next challenge that will keep me motivated! Will be sure and tell them I have a September date! 🙂 


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