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Today I’m sad.. and I’m hoping I can share my sadness with you all…


Vale Oliver James!

This morning when I woke up and checked my emails the first one on my viewing list was from my husband (well, I guess I need to say “estranged husband” as we are now separated… actually I don’t even know what estranged means! tom pee…) telling my son Marc and me that he had to make a difficult decision to put our beloved Oliver James (miniature Dachshund) down due to bowel and back complications. ☹

Oliver James was 14yrs old.. but he had a very good and charmed life with us.

We got him as a puppy, only 6 or 8 weeks old.. he was so precious, so loved. But when he started getting out of his puppy stage he took on a whole new personality and became a little aggressive so my husband decided that we all should go for counselling with him to see what the problem was. It turned out that in his mind (according to our dog psychologist) that Oliver James thought he was actually on the 3rd rung of the ladder in our family (Rob, Marc, Oliver James and me!) which meant he thought I was on the bottom rung!! .. that in itself is quite funny don’t you think? Because in MY mind I thought I was actually on the top rung!! ☺
So after our very expensive counselling session, Oliver James got the message that he wasn’t on the 3rd rung but the bottom rung and so things started to settle down. We had to be strong in our resolve not to cater to his every need and be firm when he would demand our attention but after a few months it worked and I was actually able to sit on the couch and give my husband and son a hug without Oliver James challenging me!
From then on he became my number one baby. I know he loved me as he loved my husband and my son but in my mind I think he knew I was his Mom and I would love our time together when he would come snuggle with me and let me rub his tummy.. my favourite saying with him was ‘hey Ollie, Mommy rub your tum tum’ and he would just roll over and let me rub his tummy and look me directly in the eye while I was doing it. I will miss those moments with him.
Our other baby Otto Jacques will miss him terribly… Otto looked out for Oliver and would always lick him which I think was a sign of caring… they were inseparable. I’m sad that Otto Jacques will be by himself now.. I’m not sure how long he will last. Otto Jacques is 15yrs. My tears are still falling…

Donc… it has just been a sad day for me, my son and my husband…so thanks for listening.


A bientot!







  • Nancy

    I know your sadness all too well. Delight in the memories and rest assured that Oliver James knew how lucky he was to have you for a Mommy!

    • Roniece

      Thank you Nancy.. I do appreciate your kind words lovely x

  • Riccardo Velez

    I cry because I lost my 17 year old Marie my toy Apricot poodle on June 21st and the same day my best friend Ross bought a new Harley Davidson and for some reason I asked him not to speed in the motorcycle because he loved speeding, so he never listened to me and riding under the bridge the motorcycle hit a rock and flip it and crashed it against the rail and shattered instantly…he died instantly, I know now everything by eye witnesses because I wasn’t allow to see the body by our coroner orders, the motorcycle broke in several pieces during the impact and some of them fell in the river, He was only 28 years old, I only can say that he died doing what he loves to do. In the autopsy report said he was driving the motorcycle at 130 miles per hour! Marie the poodle die the same day but it was a so, so, so, sad day that I will always remember, I am so glad you wrote this because it makes me think that time heals everything and now I can talk about it, God bless you!! You are extremely sweet and loving dogs as me!!!!

    • Roniece

      oh my dear friend Riccardo.. I’m so sorry for your loss..I remember the day you posted of the loss of your cherished Marie and of your friend Ross… thank you for your kind words on the loss of my Oliver James.. I appreciate you. xxx

  • Susan

    I don’t think my first post went through Roniece so will try again! Once again you have written a beautiful piece from the heart and I feel for you. I have shed many tears over the years for beloved dogs (and cats) and it never gets easier. You are such a strong and lovely person I know that your happy memories of Oliver James will help you through your grief and tears. Be strong! Thinking of you. xx

    • Roniece

      Thanks Susan… today in Paris the Sun Gods are gifting us one more day of their warmth.. I will embrace the day and think warmly of my darling Oliver James as I walk along the Seine… xx

  • Dawn Lobell

    I’m so sorry Roniece! Many hugs rould the world to you and your family. Much love!!xo

    • Roniece

      Thanks Dawn… I will get your hug when you get to Paris next month.. xx

  • Jane

    I’m so sorry about your loss. I know how much we can love our pets! Oliver Janes was a lucky dog!! “Lucky dog”! Get it?! Well drink to him next week!!

    • Roniece

      Thanks Janey…(you know I don’t get jokes Muriel!) Look forward to toasting my darling Oliver James with you in Paris! xx

  • Michael Salone

    Thank you for sharing this Roniece as it’s very personal, yet you opened up with others. I won’t say I know how you feel because everyone treats their loss differently, but I will be there if you need a shoulder. And despite what anybody says, we both know that dachshunds rock!! 🙂

    • Roniece

      Thank you my darling MrP! The Sun Gods are smiling on us today in Paris.. I am going to embrace them and think warmly of my darling Oliver James! And yes… Dachshunds do rock! 🙂 xx


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