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Journal entry: June, 2016

Alors… today, was a good day for her. She spent most of it in her little slice of paradise in the 5eme, listening to her music, which was mixed with sirens and loud explosions due to the manifestations happening in her city on that day. So she waited for them to cease and took her time in dressing and preening herself for her day’s outing. She had made the usual two to three changes before deciding on her outfit for the day, but once chosen she was happy with her choice.

Her schedule today was free and unencumbered and these were the days she enjoyed the most. Her stroll down rue monge was much the same as any day, people would catch her eye or she theirs and smiles and a warm ‘bonjour’ and some pleasantries exchanged before she carried on her way. Today, though, she was surprised when she saw Rodolphe and Pascal, two policemen whom she had met a few years ago in the quartier on the night of ‘les Bal des Pompiers’. They were riding their cycles and had stopped at the lights where she had needed to cross. They both recognised her and she them and there were smiles all around. She bised them both, which brought laughter from them and they looked pleased and happy as they rode off down rue monge and threw bises to her as they left.

As always, she headed to her favourite café and was greeted warmly by the staff and the locals she knew. She took her regular café crème, made to her liking and settled in to read in French, ‘Le Parisien’. Her challenge for the day was to get through at least one full article and understand it. She, of course knew that this would never happen but she carried on regardless in the hope that the Universe would somehow wave her magic wand over her and VOILA, she would be fluent in French!


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    Bravo! What a lovely life you have.

    • Roniece

      thank you my darling friend! much love to you and Michael, hoping you are both happy and well xx


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