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June, 2016


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Journal entry: June 2016

Alors… She had encountered another good day in her hood! After last night’s highlight of dancing in the bar with the local boys from the 5eme and having fun, she thought today would be so much quieter but non!

This morning on waking she called her sister in Australia but alas she was travelling on business, so instead she settled in for a catch up with her brother-in-law, who made her laugh, made her smile and briefed her on family news which she loved!

After that she busied herself in getting ready for her day and was pleasantly surprised with a phone call from her sweet Moroccan friend, Faycal who called to say hello. He told her that he was participating in Ramadan and she asked if it was a difficult time to which he stated no, it was simply a time of reflection and concentration for him to become a better person.

Her next task for the day was to visit some new clients in St Cloud and what she thought was going to be difficult to get to the destination, she found it to be easy and she was quietly impressed with herself. Tomorrow, she would return to the apartment and care for their two adorable Tonkinese cats, Jeff and Letty.

On her return to Paris, she realised she was famished and so she made her way to visit her long time friend Mustapha on rue monge so that he could feed her some of his delicious couscous and enjoy his company along with a glass of wine or two. While she was there, her bestie from Montreal, messaged her to see if she could go visit her fiancé in the 4eme to pass on some Birthday wishes for the following day. She gladly obliged and said au revoir to Mustapha and took the No.67 bus to the Marais where she walked a short distance to find his cafe! He was surprised and happy to see her and she promptly delivered the hugs and settled herself in front of the big screen to watch the football and enjoy the ambience of being with her friend.

All in all, it was a great day to live in Paris!


A Paris Journey




  • Georgia

    Sounds like a fabulous day!! You are the Queen of Paris transport <3

    • Roniece

      thanks Muriel! 🙂 x


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