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Just need to say a few words about my boss, well my ex boss now but still, he was my boss and a good friend.

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Gavin Ward who was the CEO of our Buying Groups of Leading Edge Group Limited for a period of 2 years as his Executive Assistant/Office/HR Manager. We shared a combined office, he had to walk thru my office to get to his and we were only separated by a glass wall so really, we heard each other’s conversations even though there was a door between us. Previous to working with Gavin I had worked with Keith Lane, my CEO for a period of 7 years so there was an adjustment period for Gavin (who was General Manager of our Music Division) and me,  but it only took a couple of weeks before we found our routine of working together.

I learned so much from Gav in those 2 years. I learned that he was never too busy to take a phone call, never shied away from confronting issues, would always ask hard questions and expect honest answers, embraced an open door policy, gave 110% every working day, loved connecting and had a smile or a good word for all his staff, delivered on deadlines and carried thru on what he promised. He was a fantastic negotiator, I was in awe at how he was able to get the deal he wanted, he knew how to play hardball and yet he knew how to ensure there was a win win outcome. He was kind and caring and would always thank me for my assistance at the end of each day. He had a big laugh, and his sense of humour was great. He was extremely professional in all his business dealings. His family was a priority for him and he always ensured they came first.

He in turn had to put up with my constant chatter and nagging about board papers, constant asking if he had enough business cards for his meetings, my singing (out of tune!), my playing of  ‘old’ music like Carole King, Neil Young, Bob Dylan (though in my defence I think he likes those artists!), my need to be acknowledged and of late my hypercondriac behaviour (though perhaps I should put that down to the stress of being made redundant!)  🙂 Also, he put up with a lot of my blonde moments, and yes, I had a few of them over the years… but this blog is about him not me right? 🙂

Routines and banter!

Of course we had our little routines thru out our day which was coffee in the morning or at lunch and usually a chocolate fix in the afternoon, well not every afternoon as sometimes he was on a diet and his will power took over and said ‘no thanks, I’m on a diet’! 🙂  I always had the radio on in my office and would comment on the various news of the day as it come to hand, turning it up if there was something important happening and we both would engage in commentary.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time working with him and will miss the daily connection.  I do wish him the very best in his next role as he too, lost his job at Leading Edge. 🙁


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