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Just checking in… after all it is my first day of being unemployed!

In the words of Helen Reddy “I am strong, I am woman, I am invincible…!”  Well, not so sure about the invincible bit but I will give it shot! 🙂

A walk with my babies!

I was up early to take my babies for a walk around the bay, ok, when I say walk, I mean Oliver James dragged Otto Jacques and me around the bay run, not all the bay run as that is 7kms and they have very short legs as you know, so we did a quarter of the bay run or it could have been an eighth….either or, it was nice to be up and out of my bed as the risk of sleeping in on my first day out of work did cross my mind!   🙂

I don’t usually walk my babies, I leave that to my DH (darling husband) but I have to say it’s a great way of making eye contact with people… and yes, some of them are particularly easy on the eyes! I digress… sorry about that, a lapse in concentration on my part!  🙂 Anyway, we made it home in tact, stopping for my 1/4 strength flat white on the way. Michel was not there, I guess he wasn’t expecting to see me on a Monday morning, no doubt he was sleeping in! Still, I got my coffee the way I like it so I didn’t feel the need to respond back to the guy when he said  “I hope you like it” but yes, it was on the tip of my tongue to reply “well, if I don’t you will be making it again for me right?” … I know, I know, I need to work on trying not to be so direct.. I promise I will.. it won’t happen overnight but it will happen.. Ah tom pee…


Cake making!

So, I had bananas that needed doing something with.. I mean I could have easily made a banana smoothie right? Mais non, I had promised my DH that I would make him a banana cake so I set about doing exactly that. I like banana cake though my DH prefers it with butter cream icing which I don’t particularly like however with time on my hands I made the butter icing after the cake had cooled and the result looked rather spectacular!  Just to convince you I will add the pic of it now!

Here’s hoping the cake is cooked underneath all that butter cream! 🙂

More kitchens!

I told my DH I would of course cook him dinner ce soir so I had to go shopping for some ingredients and did you know I am finding that Supermarkets can be quite fascinating!  They certainly get you in with their ‘specials’ and I was amazed that most things I needed were all in the one aisle, that really impressed me! In fact, I might plan a day of supermarket shopping just for fun! So, I’m making a Baked Tuna Casserole for dinner, but not from a jar right, it is with proper ingredients from the aisle of the supermarket thank you very much! 🙂

Ok, enough of my ramblings for today, suffice to say.. I’m doing OK and I’m determined to make the most of my ‘time off’ so there will be no need for you lot to worry about me! 🙂

Ah… bring on tomorrow I say! If I keep this routine up, how will I possibly find time to look for work!! 🙂


a Bientot!







  • Marc

    Doing well, keep moving forward!

    • Anonymous

      thank you my beautiful son! x

  • Achinia

    Scrumptious looking cake, I would love a thin slice, I am trying to watch my man handles He he he.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha.. my adorable Antonio… it really was quite delish! I’m planning on making some peanut brownies today! 🙂


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