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A Paris Journey… / Paris 2013 / From my heart…

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Words for the anniversary of my much loved Mom..


Days like this…

On days like this
I feel a need to see you
I feel a need to hear you
I feel a need to hug you
On days like this
I just feel a need
To tell you I love you
I always will


Heart words while sitting in the sun at my favourite cafe in Paris! – September 2013


Observation No.1

Here I am again
sitting in the sun
enjoying my wine
reading my book
watching people come and go
It’s a busy little spot
people around me
smile and laugh
not Vincent though
he has a reputation to keep!


Observation No.2

he says he doesn’t smile
he says he can’t
but beneath the tough exterior
lies a heart of gold
I’m sure of it
just as I’m sure the sun
will shine on us tomorrow
in Paris
so keep smiling on the inside
the world will still love you!


Observation No.3

standing behind the bar
white shirt, green pants
bearded, long haired
and oh so sexy
all he really has to do is smile
nothing else, nothing else
And my day is made


Observation No.4

warm, kind, caring
observant and always polite
His first child is expected soon
I can sense his stress
I can feel his excitement
and more
yet he always greets me
with a bisous and bonjour
for my day
how blessed I am
to have friends
like this in Paris!


Observation No.5

I think the woman behind me
is looking over my shoulder
as I write
not that she can decipher my writings
not that anyone would be able
to decipher my writings
after a pitcher of wine
but still she looks,
still she peers
when I leave
I will leave her with my smile


Observation No.6

The young couple in front
they seem to be in love
she stares at him
he looks at her eyes
they smile
they kiss
they laugh

Oh where did things
go wrong for me
where did it go
how did it go
why did it go
all I know is that it went
and suddenly
I feel a loss…


Observation No.7

I see a lot from my little table
on the wall
just enough sun to warm me
just enough shade to cool me
people coming
people going
the couple kissing
the couple sitting silent
a mother and her daughter
talking amicably
three friends engaging
beautiful Sandrine
laughing with her children
and Laurent
still looking sexy
behind the bar!


Heart words …. Avril 2013


You found me again
While I was sleeping
You spoke to me
With words of love
And caring
You hugged me warmly
And told me
To get up and get moving
Not to waste a minute
Not to feel sorry for myself
Not to play the victim
As only a Mother would do
For a child she loved
So thanks for the visit
And the reminder
That I’m loved…

More heart words… Fevrier 2013

Let your heart words
Sing their song
On your return to
The city of light

Let your soul words
Show their smile
So that love can
Catch its breath

Let your mind words
Speak their truth
For you to listen well
And your heart to heal

These thoughts were written on my flight from Sydney to Paris.. January 27, 2013.


No.1 (written for my first love)

My heart misses you
It always will
It looks for you each morning
It looks for you each night
It keeps telling me you’re here
It keeps asking where you are
My heart won’t stop the questions
My heart does not want to understand
How can I tell it you’re not coming back
When it knows full well my heart broke the day you died…



Words can hurt
Words can heal
Take a breath
Dry your eyes
Keep the faith
Wear a smile
All will be well
And just know
You are loved



Light and laughter
Laughter and smiles
Smiles and hugs
Hugs and laughter
Laughter and light
Just simple things
To help my heart smile again…



Look at you now
Your smile lights a room
Your laughter brings smiles
To those in need
You are one strong woman
You are doing great
You are embracing the moments
Keep moving forward
Keep your light shining
For others may need to find their way



I sit and write my thoughts of you
Wishing you were here
Longing for your arms
To hold me
Knowing that they won’t
But thinking of your smile
Helps me get through
The loneliness of you


No. 6 (written for my sister)

Cry when you can
Let your tears fall
And when they dry
You will find strength
From within to carry on
Move forward
And always make the moments count!


I can’t stop the words
They flow from me
And I can’t do anything
But write them down
They won’t leave me
Until I do
I am lost
I am found
I am sad
But I am free..




© 2013 Roniece.com



  • Jo

    Wow Roniece, these are so powerful. Your optimism and love of life shine through. I really hope to meet you one of these day, you wonderful, strong woman!

    • Roniece

      ahhh Jo.. you are so kind! Wasn’t expecting any comments on this as they are just my heart words … I do thank you though! xxx

      • Dawn

        Your heart speaks to us dear Murielle. Keep on singing your words. xo

        • Roniece

          merci ma cherie amie … bisous

  • denise

    Oh Roniece, your words express your pain and also your hope for the future.your last sentence “I am free” says it all. bon voyage my dear friend on your new adventure, I will walk along with you……a bientot. love Denise.

    • Roniece

      Thanks lovely.. you are a treasured amie! A bientot à Paris! 🙂 xx


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