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I’ve been thinking lately about ‘Friendships’ and how they affect my life…

Today, I consider myself a type of person that can make friends easily – it wasn’t always like this as I was a very shy introverted girl in my early childhood but I learned from observing how my parents interacted with our neighbourhood friends and from my two older sisters when I was growing up that it was all about “looking at people’s eyes when you shake their hands, remembering their names and genuinely believing in them”. This has worked well for me in my later years and I now pride myself on the friendships I have made and am able to keep because of those valuable tools learned at an early age.

The most valuable friends in my life today are of course my family members, followed by my inner circle of friends, who all show me unconditional love and teach me every day how to live, laugh and love life… to which I am truly grateful.

Think I will leave it here…. my ramblings for the day that is!



  • Kkiranmar66

    I am an Indian and visit paris regularly but i am lonely during the visits. I will be happy to make friends in Paris.We can exchange gifts and culture from india


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