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Wow! another post from me? I bet you are all asking this question…. “is it really her? this is her second post in two days!!!!” …. tom pee.. the answer is OUI!!!


International FREE HUGS DAY!

Impressive huh!!… I had the distinct pleasure of being part of this thanks to my lovely Muriel, MK who has a great blog Out And About In Paris where she regularly updates us all on what is going on in Paris! I love her to bits… (I love that saying so much!) ☺

Alors…. ce soir at 18h00 I headed to the meeting point of the beautiful Notre Dame and waited for someone to turn up with a sign so that I would recognise my fellow huggers! As usual, I arrived early (as a true Capricorn would!) so I took the time to enter inside the beautiful Cathedral and to my surprise there was a Mass going on and I got to hear one of the Priests singing …..his voice was truly beautiful and I felt privileged to be in his presence and so I offered my thanks of gratitude and love … (my New Zealand School Nuns should be smiling right now….. you can take the girl out of the Catholic, but you can’t take the Catholic out of the girl… or something like that.. tom pee.. )

So….when I exited the Cathedral, I saw a group of people with signs (Yay me!!) and I approached them and spoke with the organiser (ok, I didn’t know he was the organiser, but he seemed to be in charge!) and showed him my sign and asked if I could join them. His name was Miron and he spoke English with me which I was so grateful for!

The group of huggers consisted of 12 or so but it grew through out the evening. We each had a sign to hold up and so me, being me, I naturally spread out my arms and offered my FREE HUGS ….and almost immediately, I was hugged and hugged and hugged and hugged again! One guy, a particularly, tall, easy on the eye French guy hugged me and immediately picked me up and twirled me around several times and then placed me down on the spot and hugged me again and said ‘merci madame’ and promptly left, leaving me feeling a tad dizzy but delighted and laughing out loud!

Another fun moment was when I stopped a man on a bicycle to give him a hug, which in turn prompted one of my huggers, William, to run down a jogger and stop him and hug him on the spot!

Such a great mix of people, children, teens, adults, even old people participated in letting me hug them! My favorite moment of the evening was hugging a beautiful little girl, who was only 15months of age.. she simply put her arms out and let me hug her… so precious.. if all the children in the world could learn the art of ‘hugging’… there would be no more wars!

My day in Paris was made complete because of the simple art of “Hugging”……. may this art continue on!

Alors.. so my lesson for the day, is HUG someone you love and then….. HUG them again for me!


a bientot!


Bisous de Paris




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