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Thought I might brief you on how my day was!

Today, we farewelled our Receptionist the lovely Brooke Rosendale who is planning to travel for a couple of months with her friends around Europe. Brooke has been with us for just under a year and her position reported into me. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and hopefully provide some mentoring along the way. I will miss her hugs each morning and lovely smile and hopes she remains safe while she is traveling.We had a lunch for Brooke at the local Country Club which was nice and relaxing and then it was time to say goodbye. She has promised to stay in touch which I hope she will.

Brooke’s replacement is the lovely Denai Redfern who was our previous Front Desk Administrator (before Brooke). Denai has a wealth of experience in managing a Front Desk and everyone just loves her! She previously had 2.5 years with us and we are just over the moon that she has chosen to return to our Company. Let the blonde moments continue!!

Evacuate, Evacuate!

This afternoon we had the Fire Alarm go off at our building…. a false alarm nonetheless and yes everyone was inconvenienced but still had to evacuate!  Not really a big deal as we have had more than our fair share of practice with these alarms. I am happy to report that our staff including the other tenants evacuated in a safe and timely manner and within minutes we had the local Fire Brigade on site and isolating the offending sensor located in our basement carpark.

As I am Chief Fire Warden for the building the first thing I need to do is go to our Fire Panel located on the ground floor tenancy and check to see which area the alarm has activated. Most often it is the basement car park where the space is open to the elements of wind and rain and which can easily set the sensors off.

Each of our Floor Wardens are instructed to direct our staff to the Designated Meeting Point away from the building and they did a brilliant job of doing this today. I even managed to get a one-on-one briefing from the chief Fireman (Quentin was his name!) on how to override the panel and activate the PA system for the building – I got to practice my best ‘radio’ voice by saying ‘your attention please, this is your Chief Fire Warden speaking, today’s evacuation was a false alarm, we appreciate your cooperation, thank you’ !   Yes, I know, I kinda like the sound of my own voice! LOL

From there it was pretty much the end of my day and as it had been a full on week in terms of deadlines, dinners, strategy days, fire alarms and the never ending requests about air temperatures in the office, I chose to pour myself a glass of wine and sit in my office in the peace and quiet for a good 30 minutes before venturing home to see my babies and my husband.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!






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