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A Paris Journey… / My Australia / Enlightenment…

Filed Under: My Australia November 7, 2010, 11:30

It was a great day at the Mind Body Spirit Festival!

Marc and I met Vicci and our friends Michele and Katharine at the venue in the morning. We proceeded immediately to book our readings with the Psychics and although I wasn’t going to take a reading, Katharine talked me into it and so I stood in line and waited to pay and choose my psychic and after a recommendation from Katharine I chose Joya who was going to do numerology and tarot cards for me.  We all managed to book a session for just after lunch ..

A Chi-Chinese Massage!

Katharine suggested (she is a Saggitarian and bossy!)  🙂 that our first visit must be to Stand A66 to experience a Chi-Chinese Massage from students who give you a 30 minute massage for only $20!  A bargain, not to be missed! So all of us trotted off behind Katharine who led the way to find the Master himself who got us all seated and ready!  My student was named Warren and so I told Warren I preferred a strong massage which he nodded his head in agreement and started.  WOW!! it was a brilliant massage, he started on  my head which at first I was a little bit annoyed that my hair was going to be messed up! LOL but then I relaxed and let him do his work. By the end of the 30 minutes I was very relaxed and felt a whole lot better! I will definitely be returning to this particular stand next year!

My divine friend Peter arrived to join us and so I introduced him to everyone and then Katharine suggested our next group visit should be to Rosnay Wineries stand 🙂 where we said ‘hello’ to our favourite wine maker Sam (easy on the eyes is our Sam!) who of course remembered us from last year’s show and readily offered us some samplings of his organic wines. We all particularly liked the sparkling rose this year and Michelle liked his wines so much that she ordered a case of it on the spot!  I asked Sam if he would personally deliver the case to which he just smiled.  🙂 Bit of a lady’s man our Sam! LOL We left Sam smiling and decided to grab something to eat before our readings.

A Reading with Joya!

Marc suggested that I tape my reading with Joya on my iPhone (smart, very smart my boy!) which I thought was a grand idea! So as I was approaching her, I discretely activated my voice recording and placed it on the table. Joya was Indian and very nice. She did my numbers first and then proceeded to explain the detail and the meanings. I always knew I was a number 6 but now I know I am also a number 33 which is a master number and it means I must serve humanity!  I found it interesting to listen to her. She told me that she too is a number 33 and being that number, you are not allowed to retire! What??? no retirement for me??? mon dieu!!

Joya then read my Tarot cards and from the 7 cards I selected, I got one bad card that she immediately turned over! Apparently it was a card that told her about someone stabbing me in the back… (not literally, people!!) and that I was still carrying the worries from that!  hmmm… I wonder who that could be!! And if you are reading this and feel it applies to you, then please let me know so I can stop worrying about it!! LOL

I have now listened to my recording again this morning and I was very happy with the reading. I will definitely go back and see her again at next year’s festival, if only to hear her tell me I don’t have any more worries! 🙂

A Muriel Moment!

After our reading, we all met up again for a brief time and then dispersed to go see some more stands. My divine friend Peter and I walked around by ourselves for a short time as he had to head off for another appointment. One of the stands we visited together was the Lavender Stand.. where there were some amazing products made out of Lavender. We sampled some Lavender hard rock candy and here is where my first blonde moment of the day came into play… we both put a piece of the candy in our mouths and then I said Peter… “wow, it tastes just like strawberry” to which Peter looked at me with such bewilderment that made me realise I had said the wrong thing!! LOL.. had to be there, but the moment was priceless and I immediately had to walk away from the stand as I was beside myself with laughter which set Peter off and so we had this massive laughing fit in the middle of Row E where noone knew what we were laughing about!!  I needed a tissue to wipe the tears.. I tell you it was priceless!!

Main Stage!

There were some great acts on the centre stage throughout the day and Marc and I were keen to see Jason McDonald who is a high profile medium.  He is originally from Hawaii but comes each year to the show.  He has a huge presence on stage and we both enjoyed seeing him again. A couple of years ago, as I was waiting in line at his stand to speak with him, he picked me out of the line and said he needed to speak with me next and proceeded to tell me about my first love who was tragically killed in a vehicle accident and said he has continued to watch over me along with my mom and dad.  Of course I already knew that but it was nice to have it reinforced. 🙂

Vicci and I spent the next couple of hours just sitting and enjoying the various acts that came next on stage and one particular one we liked was Radhe Shakti who had an amazingly strong voice and was very pleasant to listen to her sing. Vicci purchased her CD afterwards. At one point Marc joined us and was a little perturbed to hear us chanting along to Hari Krishna! LOL

Home Sweet Home!

Vicci and Michele were staying with us overnight before heading back to Canberra and so we headed home in Michele’s car and decided that we would all walk up to our local Thai for dinner which was nice. After we got back home we all congregated in Marc’s room for some reason where we got to look up Michele’s profile on RSVP and there was much merriment and laughter on who we should send some ‘kisses’ to!

A fabulous day with family and friends! What more could a Muriel ask for! 🙂

Yes, I know, I could of asked for a trip to Paris but these things will come… after all, I have to figure out a way to do my service to humanity first!!!




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