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Some news just in ….

After 9 years of working for my company, my role as EA/Office/HR Manager was made redundant on Friday, 2nd December.

It’s rather an odd feeling I have to say. I knew it was coming from over a month or so of discussions with my CEO’s so really it wasn’t as much of a shock as it could have been but still, it was a little sad on my last day when I walked the floor to say my goodbyes to everyone. My colleagues rallied round and supported me to attend my farewell lunch which was very nice and I was a more than a little surprised to see so many turn up, ended up being over 50 of them which really warmed my heart and as I walked around the tables to offer my thanks to them, I could tell they were genuinely sad to see me go.

Still, life goes on right?

It will be a little odd to wake up on Monday morning and realise that I don’t actually have to get out of bed at 07h00 but I’m sure I will adapt very quickly as will my babies when they realise that their ‘Mommy’ isn’t getting up at her regular time! 🙂  Whoo hoo for the babies right!

So, what’s next?

I think I will take a break leading up to Christmas and take it easy as I prepare for my up coming Birthday celebrations on the 24th 🙂 I’m looking forward to continuing with my creative side in the kitchen though… who would have thought I could cook??? 🙂

I believe blessings are sent to us in all forms of disguise… I’ll leave you with a comment from my beautiful son Marc who is currently in Stockholm, Sweden which he left for me on my FB page:

 “Mum, you are the most inspiring person I know (yeah you don’t hear that very often do you? but it’s true). I know you can do great things to inspire others because you did it every day at LEG. Now its time to take those skills out into the open world and help others who are in desperate need of inspiration and fulfilment. This is your springboard, your chance to do something great!”

I’ll let you know what inspiring things I find to do… 🙂


a bientot







  • Louisefleming

    Honey this truly is a gift…no two ways about it.  With time and space comes all kinds of inspiration.  It’s your time to shine, so rest, relax and enjoy…you deserve it.  I think you should start writing a  book…you write so well…I think it’s your calling.  Love you xox

    • Roniece

      Thank you Murielle… you are such a wonderful friend to me xx

  • Sue

    Hi Roniece-this is VERY sad news indeed! LE Book conferences will never be the same again. It’s just too, too sad that you won’t be there to shoo us back to wherever we were meant to be, with so much charm and a big smile. And who can forget the days of the walkie-talkies?? I’m sure we weren’t meant to find them so hysterically funny but it worked! We will miss you, and your red shoes, very much. Enjoy a break from work, and I have no doubt that 2012 will open with lots of opportunities to do some fabulous new things.  Love sue & kerry@marywho?  

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much Sue and Kerry… I will definitely miss my lovely Books members, I had such fun times with you all… I’ll let you know where I (and my red shoes) end up ..having a bit of a break for now.
      Love you both
      RDB xx

  • Eric Tenin

    I have absolutely no doubt you were loved at your office! I pity them for their loss! You, on the other end, can take advantage of this new situation to start a new work life. Isn’t there something you’ve always wanted to do that could be turned into a job (and don’t tourist guide in Paris LOL!).

    • Anonymous

       just added the word ‘say’ to your post Eric 🙂 You know you may have taken the words right out of my mouth!! LOL
       Thank you so much for your lovely words.. they mean a lot to me.. who knows you might see me back in Paris sooner than you think! 🙂  



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