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Just wishing you all a very Happy Easter… I hope the Easter Bunny finds you and surprises you with some nice chocolate treats!

It’s Good Friday here for us and in my husband’s family the tradition has been to hand out Easter Eggs on this day unlike my family tradition where we have to wait until Easter Sunday… no matter how many discussions we have on this, it hasn’t changed and he always gets his way and now our son Marc is firmly on his side so I guess the tradition will continue! Some battles are just not worth winning! 🙂

Some French news!

I was very happy to hear about my friend Michael’s ceremony taking place this week at the Préfecture De Police in Paris where he officially became a French citizen! The video that Eric took was great and Michael was proudly featured on PDP (ParisDailyPhoto) receiving his French certificate. Apparently he celebrated by eating cake and hopefully there was some champagne to go with that! I know it seems like we have a love/hate relationship especially when we comment on each other’s posting on FB, but seriously, he is such a beautiful friend to me and I am so grateful for his friendship. At the risk of becoming mushy, I’ll simply say.. J’aime mon Batman! 🙂

Family news…

Today was an extremely difficult day for my sister Sharon as she and Ian’s children agreed that they would scatter his ashes around the back beach of Riverton. As a group they trekked down the hill to Ian’s favorite diving spot and gathered there for a private ceremony with family members only.  Sharon told me that it was a very emotional time for everyone and that the seas were calm when his ashes were being scattered though for some reason after this had been completed the waves and swell increased for a time and became still again… perhaps it was just Ian saying his final farewells.  I miss him, we all miss him. Hopefully now, he will be at peace.

A Photo Book!

At the moment I’m totally engrossed in compiling a photo book! My son Marc and Rebecca have just completed their book for 2011.

My book is titled “A Paris Journey” where I am posting some of my photos and writings from my time in Paris. I’m nearing 80 pages at the moment and hopefully when it’s done it will provide some nice memories for me. The application I’m using is Blurb, and it’s very easy and user friendly. The cost to produce is quite reasonable and to have your own coffee table book with your own photos featured in it will be priceless! I’ll keep you posted once I’ve completed it!

Driving Gig!

Donc… for those of you who are still wondering, I’m still doing my driving gig and loving it! I’m getting to know my way around the Sydney suburbs now and it seems I have conquered my fear of tunnels! However the day before yesterday I nearly managed to get wiped out by a semi-trailer who may or may not have had right of way while I was attempting to enter one of our longest tunnels… let’s just say I’m pleading the 5th on that one!

My boss is very patient with me driving his 4WD hilux truck and even managed a smile when I turned into a driveway to reverse though it turned out it was a little too steep for his towbar on the back… the look on my face was priceless as I suddenly registered the noise emanating from the back was being made by me… meanwhile my reverse parking is improving in leaps and bounds and my boss is definitely impressed with that! 🙂  Alice (the GPS) is helping me navigate my way round and I am finally beginning to trust her when she tells me to turn left in 200m… I mean seriously can you judge how far 200m is??

I think that’s all my news for now… be safe on the roads during Easter break and beware of those semi-trailers or perhaps just beware of a crazy Murielle driving a 4WD hilux truck as she may want to cut in front of you! just saying… 🙂


a Bientot!


Happy Easter!








  • Denisefrombolton

    ..and a Happy Easter to you too Muriel.  You are SO funny!  I am glad I am not driving a vehicle around Sydney right now!
      We didn’t “do” Easter when my children were young.  So I am really glad that my Stepdaughter has started the tradition of egg rolling followed by a chocolate egghunt on Good Friday. (see my bolg when I publish i later) The children also get Easter eggs on Easter Sunday as well, so the best of both worlds.

    • Roniece

      Thanks Denise.. good to see there are a few votes for ‘my’ Easter tradition! I say the Easter Eggs should be given out on Sunday! I’ll be sure and read your blog Muriel! xx


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