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earthquakes are still happening in NZ!

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Filed Under: My New Zealand November 21, 2010, 18:42

Pike River Mine Disaster

I was chatting with my lovely Aunty Verna who lives in Victoria (Australia) yesterday and we were discussing the Pike River Mine accident in New Zealand where apparently hope is diminishing of getting the miners out safely… 🙁 please keep them in your prayers…. the youngest is 17yrs old and the oldest is 62yrs. Their families must be terrified at the possibility of losing their loved ones.

New Zealand Earthquakes

We then discussed the earthquakes that are still happening in and around Christchurch and she sent me a link to a map that registers the earthquakes which is quite fascinating to look at. The one I felt on Monday night in the Motel, was relatively small but still I was more than a little perturbed to experience it. I can only imagine what the initial one felt like!

Again, please keep the New Zealand miners in your thoughts and prayers.




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