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Day 7 in Marseille…

Murielle's last day!

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A Paris Journey… / My Marseille / Day 7 in Marseille…

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Friday Night and all is quiet in Marseille!

I’m not sure if it was my status post on my FB page last night at 22h00 stating all was quiet in Marseille or what but I have to tell you I had a really great sleep last night and didn’t wake until my usual hour of 07h30!  I think the Marseille Noise Police felt sorry for me and gave me a break!!

Today is my last full day in Marseille and I will be sad to farewell this lovely, lively city and its inhabitants demain, especially my dear friends Marc et Jung who have been so beautiful to me during my stay!

This morning I went for a walk after my breakfast at my favourite cafe and again was welcomed with a nice smile and a ‘Bonjour Madame’ (you know, I would have been totally impressed if they had of said ‘Bonjour Murielle’!) 🙂

Lunch at a nice Cafe!

I took my lunch today at one of the little cafe’s in my local square while waiting to meet up with my friends Marc et Jung. I chose the Thon Club Sandwich and a glass of red wine to accompany my lunch. It really was very nice and I enjoyed it so much that I asked for another glass of red!  When I asked for the bill I left one of my little signature koalas as a thank you and the young man then brought me out another glass of wine to enjoy compliments of the house! How nice is that!!  I ended up giving out another 4 of my little koalas to the other staff who were very effusive with their thanks 🙂  A nice way to end my last lunch in Marseille!

Another boat ride, non not quite!

My friends Marc et Jung had arranged to meet me after lunch and we would go together by boat to Frioul Island and to see the Chateau d’If and the Caroline Hospital however, we just missed the scheduled departure and it would be another hour for the next one so we decided to give it a miss and go walking instead along the Champs Elysees of Marseille. Marc surprised me with wearing his All Blacks tshirt which I just loved!!  It will always be a sore point between us I know when France loses the Rugby World Cup but I was very impressed that he embraced our All Blacks culture and wore it especially for me today!! Merci mon ami!!

A Starbucks visit – not so good experience!

We decided to  stop at Starbucks for a Frappacino in honour of my lovely friend Michael Salone and oui, I have pictures to prove it!  However, this is where our day went from brilliant to bad all in a space of 20 minutes! After we had ordered our Frappacinos avec caramel! (well Jung and I that is) we sat at the long table at the back near the entrance to a door and Jung and Marc sat closest to the door.

Unfortunately Marc left his bag over his chair and you guessed it… it was stolen by this guy who I remember was standing awfully close to Marc at one stage but I didn’t see him take his bag! Thankfully there were two girls who were sitting along from us saw him and they thought he was with us.. he was well dressed, shirt, jacket on but also carrying a jacket clearly to hide the bags he was stealing!

From there we went immediately to the Police Station and the girls accompanied us to be a witness… we all agreed that he was in his 40’s wearing what I said and that he had fair hair, we also agreed he wasn’t French… not much to go on but the cameras were hopefully working in Starbucks and they said they would surrender the tape to the Police on request. We spent a good 2hrs waiting for Marc to be interviewed and during our time there we certainly saw a lot of colourful characters!!  I felt very bad for both Marc and Jung as his bag contained, cash, ID, licence, coupons, a notebook, but thankfully not his credit card or his keys!!  After the interview was complete, we returned to Starbucks to see if the guy had dumped the bag in a nearby rubbish bin but it proved to be a fruitless search.

Visiting the Old District – Le Panier!

From there we walked up the endless flights of stairs (I tell you, I am getting very good with stairs NOW!!!) to the old district and walked around the narrow streets, again I was in awe of all the different doors!! Marc said a lot of North African people resided in this area… the living areas I noted were very small and compact and so again we saw the laundry (no, not mine!) hanging from the outside windows… Jung’s comment was ‘hmmm, Napoli style’ 🙂 She is so funny my friend and she has such an awesome sense of humour which I love!!

Bier time!

We came across this little bar in the old district and decided to take some time out and rest after our horrible ordeal at Starbucks! Jung had her Perrier avec Menthe and Marc suggested I might like to try a Corsican bier which I did … very nice too, in fact we both had two of them!  I love the fact that in their company I can be me, a relaxed, happy and carefree Murielle … I think they actually brought out the best in me while I have been in Marseille!! 🙂 Merci mes amis!!!  xx

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to my dear friends and wish them well… Jung flies out to the US on Wednesday and she will be gone for 6 weeks which she is quite sad about leaving her new husband but nonetheless it is necessary for her Visa requirements. I wished her a safe journey and a safe return to her beautiful husband waiting for her in Marseille! I gave Marc a big hug and wished him well for the Rugby.. no doubt we will be exchanging some well meaning emails/texts during the Rugby World Cup!! Bring it on I say!! 🙂

Murielle’s Observations on Marseille

  • Beautiful city!
  • Easy access to transport
  • People seem relaxed
  • Lively, noisy and entertaining
  • Coastline and views sensational
  • Beaches are great
  • Hidden little ports all around Marseille
  • Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde – a must see!!
  • The Calanques – a must see!!
  • Cathedrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille – beautiful!!
  • Be careful of having a Frappacino in Starbucks!!

Murielle’s Happy Memories from Marseille

  • Meeting my dear friends Marc et Jung and spending time with them
  • Having my first taste of Bouillabaisse at Restaurant FonFon
  • Taking the number 83 bus to la Plage!
  • Taking the free ferry across the Port
  • Enjoying a nice cold bier after a day of sightseeing
  • Having lunch with my dear friends Eric and Michael who drove from Savignargues just to see me!
  • Laughing out loud at the ‘recruitment’ discussion over lunch with Eric and Michael!
  • Posing ‘vogue’ style for my current FB profile pic!
  • Enjoying a glass of Pastis with Eric and Michael and purchasing a bag to match!
  • Getting my makeup done MAC style with my beautiful friend Jung!
  • Murielle et Murielle’s shopping day in Marseille
  • Finding a little cafe and making it my ‘regular’
  • Receiving a warm welcome from my Landlord Romain Pascal
  • My apartment in Saint Saens
  • Eating the freshest and ripest tomatoes!
  • Learning to ’embrace’ the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment!
  • Enjoying a Rugby conversation with Marc – All Blacks to win over France!
I have had an awesome time in Marseille and I would love to return to this beautiful city – but for now…. Paris awaits for me demain and then two days after that I get to give my beautiful son Marc a hug as he will visit me from Sweden!! And before I forget… thanks to you, my readers for reading me each day, it’s always lovely to get your comments, which I appreciate very much!! Merci!!

It’s a wonderful life for this Murielle !!

Bisous de Marseille!!




  • jo

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful time in Marseille.  I’m sorry to read about your friend’s bag being stolen, that sucks.

    You are always so positive, Muriel, that you make your readers smile throughout your posts.

    Watch out Paris, here comes Roniece!


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