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Day 6 in Marseille

Murielle goes to La Plage!


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Morning Observation!

Marseille is a very lively town after dark it appears! Its inhabitants it seems like to party and like to be heard either by way of a loud voice or noisy vehicles! This morning I was woken first by what seemed to be a motor cycle contingent making their way down the quay side at around 02h00, if I had of had the energy to get up out of bed and look out my window I’m sure that’s exactly what I would have seen, and I’m positive there would have been at least 50 of them!! (ok, ok, I might be exaggerating but I tell you the noise went on forever!)

Then it was the party reveller’s return and this  young woman with the loudest voice thanking her friends in English for bringing her back safely to her apartment… not really sure why she was so effusive at 02h30, perhaps she had too many Pastis, I hear that can make you pretty happy! 🙂

By this time, I felt the need to get up for water and why not enjoy a yoghurt while looking out my window where I happened to see a group of young girls staggering along complete with heels and handbags and speaking very loudly in French, clearly they too felt the need to ensure the inhabitants of Saint Saens and Place aux Huilles heard every word!  So, by 04h00 everything was returning to the quiet sleepy town that it should be at that hour of the morning UNTIL…. the garbage trucks arrived to deal with the rubbish … LOL… I think being sleep deprived definitely has its advantages…because I didn’t hear a thing after that until I woke again at 07h30!!  Ah the joys of living in the BEST area of Marseille! 🙂

Today’s adventure!

I mentioned in my post of yesterday how lovely the beach was so I decided to ready myself for another excursion along the coast road and return to La Plage for a day of relaxing with the Marseille Sun Gods.

Before I did that I had some post cards to finish off and send so I spent some time writing these and enjoying a cup of tea before venturing out and embracing my day and finding the post office again where it was exactly in the same spot as I left it yesterday – funny that!! LOL

La Plage!

The number 83 bus arrived and I wished my driver ‘bonjour’ and asked for a ticket to the Le Plage stop same as yesterday. I realised today however that I could have gotten off a stop earlier but no matter, it still got me there eventually. I returned back to my little spot from yesterday and put my towel down close to the water line. There were not that many people around which was nice however by the time I left the beach was getting quite busy and I heard the lady in front of me mentioning to another woman about paying attention to her sac as it wasn’t safe to leave it unattended. I did note the presence of the Police today walking around in their white tshirts and blue shorts patrolling the beach area. Didn’t get to see any action however I did ask one of them to take my picture as I was having lunch at the little cafe on the beach (shame I didn’t think to take a picture of him for my Murielle’s, as he was a tad easy on the eyes!) LOL

The water was quite refreshing and so I only ventured in up to my knees again even though this time I had my cozzie on! I’m a bit like that in cold water, I just can’t bring myself to take the plunge unlike my sister Vicci who loves swimming in cold water!!  I stayed for a couple of hours there just relaxing and observing people which I love to do. I noticed that the women of Marseille are perfectly ok displaying their bodies in whatever shape or form… many of them were topless and of course I was a tad envious of their beautiful tans!!  Me, on the other hand, stood out with my extra white skin after just coming out of an Australian winter ah well, tom pee… Oh, and before my friend Michael picks up on it…’No, Michael, I didn’t conform and join in with the beautiful women of Marseille’ i.e.: I kept my top on!!  LOL

I left the beach around lunch time and stopped and had a nice cold bier at the little cafe before heading back to get the bus.  I visited my little cafe across the road for my usual cup of coffee. The girl there today was again so nice to me and enquired in English with me if I was on vacannes and how long was I in Marseille for. Her English was excellent and I enjoyed connecting with her, I must take her one of my little travelling koalas tomorrow to thank her for being so nice.

Back to my apartment where I felt the need to take a nap (as you do Murielle, as you do!) I will go look for something to eat shortly.

Demain, my friends Jung and Marc are taking me to see Frioul Island and Chateau d’If so I am looking forward to that!

Another delightful day in Marseille…


Bisous du Marseille


PS: I wanted also to share with you the following dream I had last night which really brought me smiles when I woke this morning and thought about it… today (in Australia), is my Mom’s anniversary of her passing (3 September, 1992) and it was so wonderful that she visited me in a dream whereby I was feeling very upset about my Father’s passing (my Dad passed in 1986) so I immediately went to our local priest to ask him to find my Mother and have her come to comfort me… amazingly he did just that and my beautiful Mother turned up looking immaculately dressed and smelling so lovely… she simply hugged me warmly and told me all would be well.  I didn’t realise the significance of this dream until I started thinking about it this morning.. the warmth of her hug has been with all day, I am so thankful she visited me. I love you Mom! x




  • Michael Salone

    What a great day you had Roniece. Other than the comment of what I might think of course. I just believe that when you visit another country you should do “as the Romans do”. Think of all of the added adventures you’re missing out on! I’m like you though…there’s nothing like a warm, Miami beach, no matter how lovely the rest of the surroundings are. I just don’t see the point of the sea teasing our eyes and then freezing our toes.

    I am glad you had a visit from your mum. When they say “they’ll always be with you” it’s really true. Now, don’t forget the sunscreen today and have fun!

  • Michael Salone

    Ok, it’s been 9 hours since I left the comment below and no word from you! Give a sign of life when you can!


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