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Day 5 in Marseille…

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A Paris Journey… / My Marseille / Day 5 in Marseille…

Filed Under: My Marseille September 2, 2011, 03:20

So, how does one slow down time in beautiful Marseille?

Perhaps by taking a quiet day out and just relaxing with a leisurely start to my day?  Well, that is what I had planned anyway but strangely it didn’t quite work out that way!

I was out of my apartment (oh, and did you know my toilet seat closes by itself? am very impressed by that! LOL!!) by 11h00 and took my cafe au lait and pain aux chocolate (though demain I am going to look for a chausson aux pommes thanks to my friend Tomate Farcie!) at my little cafe across the street where the lovely waitress gave me smiles to start my day!

A fabulous motivator and friend Ron (Rowdy) McLean said during a presentation at one of the conferences I attended… ‘look for 3 things on your way to work to smile your day’…. so, with that in mind, I was almost half way there!

The Sun Gods of Marseille were again pulling out all stops for another fabulous day and after my breakfast I strolled along the dock side and saw the fisherman and women selling their fresh fish of the day!  I had decided to wear my purple dress and red shoes (hmmm… maybe not a good look as it attracted a lot of attention from the fishermen! LOL!) for the day just to add a bit of colour to the already colourful city of Marseille!

A bus ride!

I walked around to the other side  of the port and at that moment I knew what I wanted to do so I waited for the number 83 bus to take me along the coast line as far as Le Plage! Once I got there, I headed towards the beach and noticed immediately that it was not a sandy beach but a fine pebbly beach…. I walked along the boulevard until I reached the beach part and promptly removed my red shoes leaving them behind on the pavement ( should have taken a photo of them!)  and walked into the beautiful cool, clear, clean water… well up to my knees at least!! Just beautiful and I was cursing myself that I didn’t have my cozzie on ah well tom pee.. maybe demain I might take myself back there and be prepared for a swim! I must have stayed sitting on a rock for a good part of 2hrs then reluctantly because the Sun Gods were proving to be a tad warm I left to go get a cool drink and find the bus stop that would take me back to Le Vieux Port.

Postcards and a Bier!

Once I got off the bus back at my stop I purchased some postcards to send home to friends and family and found a bar that I could sit outside and enjoy a cold bier while writing them!  Not sure if my hair colour had an affect on the barman but he automatically enquired if I wanted a blonde bier?  “oui, bien sur” was my reply! Actually I think it was called White beer and he put a slice of lemon in it, very very nice!!!  (see Michael, no mention of Pastis!) 🙂  I enjoyed writing my postcards overlooking the beautiful port of Marseille and enquired where La Poste was from the very helpful barman who informed me it was straight down and to my right!

I was actually able to ask for my 10 stamps in French from the very patient girl at the counter 🙂 (and whaddya know Michael…. they actually were Par Avion!! LOL) and just for the record, I would have had this blog posted an hour ago however my adorable friend Michael Salone , apparently only 777kms away in Paris kept distracting me!! 🙂

So now, I’m off to find a nice restaurant for dinner… still wearing my red shoes!!


a bientôt!


Bisous du Marseille!






  • Michael

    Well Finally! I was beginning to wonder what happened to Day 5!

    Oh you crack me up! First off, you can use my “magic toilet seat” anytime you come to visit Roniece. Had I known that would be blog worthy, you could have had the experience years ago!

    I’m so glad you had a blonde bier. Very good on a hot, sunny day. I’m imagining the woman who sold you stamps had already had a few! 🙂

    While looking up the word “cozzie”, I found the following list. Could you please clarify as the image of you in some of these worries me (and most likely your family back home):

    bathing costume 
    bathing suit 
    bathing trunks 
    swimming costume 

    • Anonymous

      hahaha…. oh Michael!! you have smiled my evening here in Marseille… of course I took the liberty of editing your very long list but have left the above.. the only one you need to be worried about and for that matter, my family needs to worry about is ‘the tracksuit’!!  LOL

      and I am soooo going to check out your ‘magic toilet seat’ when I get to Paris!!

      Bisous du Marseille!!  

  • Michael

    Ooops! I didn’t mean for that list to look so long on your blog. Feel free to edit! 


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