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Day 4 in Marseille…

Murielle et Murielle go shopping!


A Paris Journey… / My Marseille / Day 4 in Marseille…

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At last my time clock has adjusted to the French time zone!

Today I didn’t wake up til 07h00 which was great and I woke with the sunlight filtering thru my apartment which smiled me instantly as it meant the Sun Gods were indeed still visiting Marseille!

Jung and I had agreed to meet today to spend the afternoon exploring Marseille so I had a leisurely morning in the apartment before meeting her at midday.

A Murielle get together!

We met downstairs (saved Jung the walk up the windy staircase!) 🙂 and it was great to see her beautiful smiling face again even though we only said our goodbyes at midnight last night (after the wonderful dinner Marc, Jung and I took together).

We headed north to the shopping district and she took me to the ‘Champs Elysees’ of Marseille!  Hmmm… this will be my only negative comment for the day in which I said to her… ‘Murielle, you are kidding me right’?? LOL  tom pee… she wasn’t, so I had nowhere to go (not even in the middle of the road Marc Dupuy, because there was a tram coming my way!) but just accept it as the Champs Elysee of Marseille! 🙂

We needed to go to the Library first to drop off some books for her husband the one and only Marc Dupuy!  🙂  I thought it odd that there was security at the entry point but nonetheless we showed them the contents of our handbags and continued in. On the way out we tried to exit the wrong way but was very quickly told where we had to go! 🙂

Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Galeries Lafayette, Lancel, Longchamps, Maje anyone?

We had such a fun time window shopping and my lovely friend Jung definitely knows her labels!! I was a complete novice and I was so thankful for her wisdom in educating me in some very high end labels thru out our day! We went into some great stores and I might venture back there tomorrow to purchase a bag that I saw and loved (ssshhh… don’t tell my husband!… hmmm…ok, that might not work as I think he reads my blog!) also there was a great red suit in a store named 1,2,3 … isn’t that a great name for a store! 🙂 Oh, and I really loved a black and white dress and jacket…. hmmm.. ok, I will stop here because my darling husband might just be having conniptions at the thought of my credit card bill! 🙂  Moving on, quickly!!!!!

We made sure we ventured into all the well known stores.. like the ones mentioned above and I was definitely in pea green territory (envious as ****!) with some awesome products they had on display!  We spent most of the afternoon walking around the shopping district and then we happened to come upon…..

The MAC store!

No, not Mr Steve Job’s store! 🙂 but the makeup store and just for the record I think my lovely friend Murielle is a little obsessed with MAC !!! 🙂 She insisted that the shop assistant do my make up to which she agreed and so I sat there (sitting up like Jackie again Muriel Louise!) while this lovely girl took off my makeup and reapplied it MAC style! I felt very special indeed as I  hardly ever have my makeup done professionally so it was a real treat indeed! Of course my Murielle was on the side line, asking questions and noting the colours and the names of the makeup used and even texted me them while I was purchasing some lip gloss.. LOL, I tell you I love this Murielle to bits!! 🙂

So, the pic attached is with me made up MAC style – what do you think?? I know I kept asking my Murielle “do you think it makes my eyes look too dark”? tom pee.. it was a fabulous experience and I love her for taking me there!

Eating a salad or trying to!

Mon dieu… my very first experience of poor/non existent customer service in Marseille! (sorry Marc, but it really needs to be stated!) After a good 4hrs of shopping we decided we really needed to sit down to eat a light salad and have a cold drink…we headed back to my little square on ??? hmm.. ok, I don’t exactly know what it is called but I will find out and come back to you ok! 🙂 We chose a little cafe after enquiring if we could eat there as the first one we went to informed us that food had finished!  .. odd don’t you think for a cafe? tom pee.. we sat down and the waiter brought us some water and the menus… remember we were only going to eat a salad right.. not too hard to do, nothing complicated with a salad ?? Hmm… so we waited and waited and waited for someone to take our order and still nothing.. we did however witness a heated conversation with what appears to be the owner and a waiter and they were pointing in our direction but still nothing and to top it off, the waiter walked our way and proceeded past us saying something directed to us but that is all… hmmm… at that point Murielle and I had had enough and got up and walked off! I mean how rude, all we wanted was a salad!!  Ok, my venting is over!

We back tracked closer to where we were shopping and found a little cafe where we both had a tuna salad and a coca cola! From there we headed back to my apartment and picked up a cafe au lait (from my little hang out on Place aux Huilles) and climbed the 4 flights of windy stairs to relax and enjoy some cheese and biscuits. All too soon Murielle had to head to the Metro to meet her husband. I so enjoyed her company today and I was thankful that she could spend her day with me!


All in all a fantastic Murielle day in Marseille!

Bisous du Marseille

A happy Murielle



I forgot to tell you Murielle took me to her favourite Tea place in Marseille –  Luciole where she introduced me to Celine and we were offered some tea to taste. Murielle said her favourite tea that her and Marc drink was the Grand Oolong so on her recommendation, I chose some to take home and try. It is a green tea and the aroma of it was amazing, can’t wait to try it! Merci Murielle!




  • Marc

    I got excited when I read Mac Store 🙁 haha

    • Anonymous

      hahaha…. I thought you might my lovely son!! xx

  • I am sorry for your bad experience at this restaurant!
    Even if i Like my town, I agree:  some professionals have to be… professional ! Maybe are they earning too much money to neglect customers!

    • Anonymous

      Merci Marc… I walked passed it again today and discovered the name was Le Simon!! Definitely not going there again!!  🙂

  • Michael

    Glad you walked away Roniece. Oftentimes we let it go and this is the only way. Walk away with your money to someplace else. Oh yeah, and as I’m writing this and getting a FB text from you, be sure they serve Pastis as well. It will make everything seem so much better!

  • Michael

    Foot tapping…still waiting…Day 5 is almost over…


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