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Day 3 in Marseille…

and a boat ride to the Calanques!


A Paris Journey… / My Marseille / Day 3 in Marseille…

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Wow, another beautiful day in Marseille!

I was out and about bright and early and had breakfast at my little cafe (as you do Murielle, as you do!) I then walked down to where the boats were departing for the Calanques and bought a ticket that would take me on a very enjoyable 3hr boat ride. I sat up the front (like Jackie) (and only my lovely Muriel Louise will get that although she will still ask me ‘who’s Jackie Muriel!) ūüôā 09h30 we departed the Vieux Port with the Sun Gods on my back (although I think they were on my front because I got a tad burnt on my forehead! tom pee…. you can’t argue with the Sun Gods!) It was a most enjoyable cruise even though I had a little nap 3/4’s of the way thru … but you can not blame me as it was a French speaking cruise only … tom pee… one should have checked if they translated into English I guess so I have no one to blame but myself. I did manage to pick up a word here and there so all was not lost and the staff were very nice and the lovely young girl offered to take my photo at one of the picturesque calanques which made me very happy!

Murielle’s Dejeuner

After I disembarked from the cruise I was a tad hungry so I found myself a nice little restaurant on the Vieux Port (Michael, if you are reading this then I went to the restaurant next door to the one we ate at yesterday!) and enjoyed some wonderful Moules et Frites … mmmm j’adore Moules et Frites oh, and a pichet of their vin rouge svp! ¬†I think I spent a good 3hrs there languishing in the sun (front row of course!) and continually swapping seats as I overheated (as you do Murielle, as you do!) and I observed a great many things as I sat there!

Murielle’s Observations!

It struck me while I was sitting eating my lunch of Moules et Frites and sipping on my vin rouge that people connect in so many different ways…

We connect by way of smiles, by way of eye contact, by way of action, by way of touch, by way of words, by way of smell … all part of our senses I guess, but as I sat there today, it got me thinking that everyone needs these types of senses to get thru their day! ¬†I mean, if you couldn’t smile, couldn’t speak, couldn’t touch, couldn’t look someone in the eye at any part of your day how would you possibly be able to cope! ¬†While I was lunching, we had a Brazilian(?) Troupe perform for us on the pavement, they were very good, drumming with a beat and the others were performing somersaults and the like.. but you know, if they didn’t take the moment to connect with their audience I doubt that they would have received any coins for their performance… they performed, they connected, I contributed! Simple as that.. connect to be connected!

The Ferry Boat ride!

After I finished my lunch I strolled along to take the Ferry boat across to my side of paradise but as I was boarding this elderly gentleman mistook his step and fell heavily on the pavement scraping his face. The man on the Ferry went out to help him up but he had a very nasty cut to his face and his wife who was already on the Ferry looked a little shocked to see him come on board. I enquired if he was ok once we got off and the woman said they needed a Pharmacy so I pointed them in the right direction and wished them well. I saw them later in my little square and he had a bandage on his face and they acknowledged me to say thank you for the directions I had given them.

A dinner date with Marc et Jung!

This evening I had invited my friends Marc et Jung to dine with me and they very kindly agreed. Marc had already sent me a listing of some nice Restaurants to choose from and so I picked Restaurant FonFon which was in the area that we visited on Sunday, the picturesque little village on the coastline. I was to meet them there around 20h30 for dinner. Marc have given me instructions on what bus to take and where to get off and everything went to plan for me to arrive a little earlier than scheduled but it was no bother for me to sit and wait for them and admire the wonderful views!

It was a most enjoyable dinner and the first time that I had tried Bouillabaisse  which is a savoury stew using salted water, saffron, parsley, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes and a variety of Mediterranean fishes. The dish is at first presented as a bouillon and soup appetizer and then served as a main course with potatoes, croutons, aioli and rouille mayonnaise. Both Jung and I had that and Marc chose something else as he has had Bouillabaisse many times. For dessert Jung had a cafe and gourmand (not sure about the spelling now) and Marc enjoyed a wonderful concoction of to die for chocolate and creme! We each had the Plateau de fromages which were excellent! All too soon it was time to leave and Marc and Jung insisted they drive me home as it was past midnight which was very kind of them. It was a short walk to the car and the evening was still very mild after the hot day.  When we made it to the top of the hill on the coast side there was the beautiful lights of Marseille waiting for me which was simply spectacular!

Marc said that perhaps he had parked his car in a not so legal spot so I was keen to see where it was… Mon Dieu, I could not believe it, he had parked in the middle of the road just before a crossing of the lights… literally in the middle of the road!! LOL!!! ¬†It would never happen in Sydney that’s for sure!! LOL!!! He said it wasn’t a problem really as when they arrived there were already 2 cars parked in front of him tom pee…. perfectly ok!! LOL

Another great day in Marseille…. can’t wait for demain!


Bisous du Marseille








  • You know now the Thoery of the Middles, in Marseille!
    The Middle of Nowwhere is a middle of a road!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha… mais Marc, I think this is according to ONLY you!! LOL ūüôā¬†


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