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Day 2 in Marseille

Murielle's lunch date!


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I think my jet lag is getting better, this morning I woke at 04h30 which is an improvement on yesterday right!

I decided to finish off my blog for Day 1 and post it so that took a good part of 3hrs but I enjoyed doing it so you won’t hear me complaining at this stage! 🙂 I’m hoping the above picture shows me looking relaxed and stress free already right??  I was up and out the door down the wide windy (you are still pronouncing this right I hope!) staircase by 09h00 and took myself off to the local super marche to replenish some food items and stock up on another bottle of that wonderful Pinot Noir Marc had suggested! There was a very nice Boulangerie next door and so I got a baguette and a very yummy Pain aux raisin to enjoy. I took my cafe au lait at the same little cafe across from my apartment where the lovely girl remembered me from yesterday and made it just to my liking again! In fact, it was so nice, I had a second cup! 🙂

All Blacks Affair

So from my blog of yesterday you would have read about the new appointment for The Muriel’s Club of Ms Jung Cho Dupuy and her title of Executive of Europe and the Americas right? 🙂 I was very impressed with her first assignment of posting on my Facebook page footage of the All Blacks and their Haka and confirming of course her allegiance to my team over her husband’s team, France! Of course her husband Marc felt the need to remind me of the opening game in the previous World Cup where France beat the All Blacks mais, tom pee… it will not happen again!! (goodness, I hope they are not words that will come back to haunt me!!) LOL  My lovely Murielle also posted the Murielle Interview which I referred to in my blog from yesterday and it is now proudly displayed on my  Facebook page as well as in The Muriel’s Club so all in all she has done a great job on her very first day of her appointment!!  Brava Murielle!

Lunch Date with Eric and Michael in Marseille!

As I also mentioned in my blog of yesterday, my lovely friends from Paris (but visiting Savignargues) Eric and Michael came to Marseille today to have lunch with me!! They arrived around lunch and it was fantastic to see them both looking relaxed and healthy and smiling their gorgeous smiles! We took the free ferry across the port and found a very nice restaurant to eat lunch in (a little in the sun pour moi, a little in the shade pour Eric et Michael). Michael ordered us a Pastis each and Eric had some coca cola, it really is quite refreshing Pastis and I can understand why people may get addicted to it easily!  Turns out later in my day I would not only purchase a bag with Pastis on it but also be photographed in front of the same poster on a wall AND find the same picture hanging in my apartment!!  Bizarre or what Murielle’s? 🙂 There was much laughter with the topics we discussed suffice to say, I can’t really mention them on here… as I might be recruited! LOL

Our very own private tour guide!

We thought about taking Le Petit train but had difficulty in finding where it left from so we made our way to the Information Tourism and the young man informed Eric that there was a particular walk we could do to Le Panier district so we headed off in that direction with Eric assigned as Chief Tour Guide (follow me please, no foreigners!) and Michael and I following in his footsteps! Mon Dieu, I have to tell you he has very little regard for the traffic in Marseille though!! LOL  He was almost jay walking the lights and encouraged Michael and me to follow!! Mon Dieu… I was a little nervous for my safety but Eric very calmly said, you have to take control and walk with purpose!  LOL, comforting words, I’m not so sure!!

Follow the Red Line svp!

So after we survived the crossing of the road!! We headed in the direction of Le Panier district and started the uphill climb walking along some very narrow streets, the Architecture was very different to Paris but nonetheless interesting to look at and appreciate. I can’t get over how many different styles of doors there are in Marseille! I think I am noticing them because most of the houses are right on the pavement with big doors, some colourful, some not, some ugly, some not… doors for everyone I say! 🙂  We found this little shop that was selling Savon du Marseille and I purchased some for gifts along with my very stylish Pastis bag! As we walked out of the shop on the left was a huge mural (no, not Murielle!) of the same picture on the wall so Michael insisted that they take a photo of me holding my bag! I have tried to post it here but there is a problem so I will add it to my Facebook photos instead!

Frappacino anyone???

All too soon our Tour Guide ended the tour 🙂 and so we walked back to Avenue Republic and back along the port side to my little piece of Marseille paradise. On the way Eric stopped for a Glace and Michael stopped at Starbucks Cafe for his apparently daily fix of a Frappacino!  He let me try some and I have to admit it was very nice HOWEVER MICHAEL…you have to stop having them on a daily basis as they are overfilled with calories and sugar!!!  I have given Eric strict instructions to supervise him and ensure he doesn’t continue this habit!! LOL

Au revoir mes amis see you a Paris!

The afternoon went way too quickly of course and Eric and Michael had a good 2hr drive back to Savignargues so we said our goodbyes and they departed for their car. It was simply a wonderful day and I so enjoyed spending time in their beautiful company!!  As I said yesterday, you can’t buy friendship and I’m so grateful they are my friends!

Touchpoints for my day:

  • cafe au lait at my little cafe across the street
  • the super marche man helping me pack my items at the checkout and wishing me a bonne journee
  • laughing out loud at Murielle’s All Black comment and confirmation that she will be barracking for them over France!
  • giving thanks to the Marseille sun gods for blessing my day with sunshine
  • getting not 2 but 4 bisous on the cheek from my dear friends Eric et Michael
  • spending time with two of my dear friends Eric et Michael
  • laughing out loud with Eric et Michael at lunch over a topic on ‘recruitment’

Little things I know but my how they smiled my day!

Bisous du Marseille




  • Dear Roniece, I affirm again that France will defeat All blacks! 🙂 Nevertheless, i  know all both team wil lgive its maximum to this match!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha… oooh those are fighting words mon ami!! LOL!! 

  • Eric Tenin

    Bravo, that is what I call a perfect and true depiction of the day (although I don’t agree with my “very little regard for the traffic” but, that’s anothier story .LOL

    See you in Paris. (And not too much Pastis hein!)

    • Anonymous

      hahaha… well in your honour today in Marseille I jaywalked with my Murielle!! Of course I nearly got myself run over but I just wanted you to be proud of the fact that I ‘took control’!! LOL 

  • Michael Salone

    Oh just perfect Roniece. Of course, you left out the details that were meant to be left out, so for certain, perfect! In case there’s a doubt, there is a photo on your Facebook page of Eric standing in the middle of the street with map in hand, so don’t listen to him detesting!

    • Anonymous

      oh that IS a great photo of Eric!! 🙂 he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on does he!! 🙂 


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