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Day 1 in Marseille…

wonderful and then some!!


A Paris Journey… / My Marseille / Day 1 in Marseille…

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Oh my what a day I had!!!

I slept really well last night, even though I was awake at 03hr30 this morning, the bed was soooo comfortable and I think I could have easily spent the day in bed mais non, I had beautiful Marseille waiting for me to explore!! My wonderful friends Marc et Jung agreed that they would meet me after lunch to explore the coastline of Marseille so this morning after I woke, I finished my unpacking and then went down the wide windy (I so hope you are pronouncing that word right! it’s windy not windy (as in gas or gale!) ) staircase to get some breakfast! Jung told me there was a very nice bagel place close by so I made my way there and had an awesome chicken and avocado bagel … yummy is a word I like to use when I get good food so ‘yummy’ it was!  I took coffee in the cafe opposite my apartment and enjoyed reading the Marseille Times (well ok, maybe a word here, a word there, but still I was able to take enjoyment from that!) while sipping on a great cafe au lait made just to my liking … 1/4 strength with extra hot milk (try translating that to French!).

The Sun Gods were smiling again on Marseille and it was going to a hot one with temperatures around 30 degrees. Just perfect for exploring the beautiful city! I so love the Marseille Sun Gods!!

After my cafe au lait I walked along the marina and enjoyed the magnificent view of the harbour, there are some serious big boats (yachts) sitting in this harbour and they all looked beautiful! I had the desire to gate crash the marina to see if there were any eligible young rich men for one of my Muriels (Louise from Sydney), but the prevailing locked gates prevented me from finding them today, however I am determined to keep a look out for her and maybe I will have better luck in Paris, I’ll keep you posted on that one!! 🙂

Meeting up with Marc et Jung

I met Marc et Jung just after lunch outside my apartment and from there we took the Number 83 bus south following the coastline of Marseille! I was again in awe of the views and I think I kept repeating myself, over and over and over again!! Oh my goodness, the views are to die for (ok, ok, maybe not die for literally, only figuratively  speaking here!!!) I mean these are serious views of the Mediterranean and all its glory!!  We got off the bus at the first stop to explore the district and my camera was working overtime because of the amazing views!  I don’t think my words can do it justice so I’m hoping my pictures can make up for my lack of words here and will let them do the talking for now!


Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde!

After we had finished our exploring of the districts we made our way back to have a cold drink of Perrier with Menthe in a little cafe which reminded me immediately of Paris – with it’s wide avenue and tall statues at each end!  We then strolled back to Marc’s car which was parked nearby and they then took me to see the beautiful Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde which is perched high up on the hill of Marseille and visible at any given point around the city, including from my window in my apartment – amazing!!  My words again fail me here in describing to you how magnificent this building was. We were able to go inside but there was a Mass in progress so we paid our respects and then went out to enjoy the wonderful views again.

A Murielle Interview!

Before we went inside the Basilica Marc said he wanted to interview Jung and I about our prestigious Muriel’s Club and so we conducted the interview with the beautiful view of Marseille in the background. It was such fun and Jung is now officially Executive of Europe and the America’s for the Muriel’s Club! LOL …of course if Jung is the Executive then you all know what my title is don’t you? Bien sur I hear you say!! Murielle, Chief Executive Officer of course!  🙂

Marc said he had one more surprise for my day and took us to a beautiful Jardin overlooking Marseille where Napoleon built a summer house but never came to visit!  After some time here absorbing more of the wonderful views we headed back to my district (and according to Marc, it’s the BEST district in Marseille!) and took some coffee together in the little square around from my apartment and chatted easily together about our day and of course about the Rugby World Cup and who was going to win out of Pool A!! Of course I said the All Blacks and of course Marc said France and so we deferred to Jung who immediately took my side and will be barracking for the All Blacks!! hahaha… the look on Marc’s face was priceless!!  It was a great conversation and no doubt we will have more of Rugby talk before I leave Marseille!  All Blacks all the way I say!! LOL

I couldn’t believe the time when we said our goodbyes – it was already 20h30!! We agreed that we would meet on Tuesday evening for dinner together and that Jung would spend Wednesday with me – how nice is that!!

One last surprise for my day!

It was an awesome day and to top it off, I came back to read my messages that my dear friends Eric and Michael would like to meet me for lunch tomorrow in Marseille!! They are visiting Savignargues  (see Michael, I have spelt it right this time!)  🙂 this week which is not far from Marseille and I am very much looking forward to seeing them!  I keep telling you I am blessed with some amazing friends and it’s so true!!

So, Day 1 is over, can’t wait for Day 2!


Bisous du Marseille

Murielle – CEO, The Muriel’s Club!






  • I’m really happy you enjoyed your Day #1 !  ^^

    • Anonymous

      I most certainly did Marc – thanks to you and Jung!! xx

  • jo

    Muriel, you pack more into 1 day than most people do in a week, lol.  Congratulations on your new promotions ~ You deserve it! 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Thanks lovely… it really was a great day, appreciate your lovely comments xx


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