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Filed Under: My Work May 11, 2011, 20:09

hmmm….. rudeness upon my day!

Today I took a call in my office from a person who clearly did not know the meaning of manners!  He didn’t bother introducing himself and  asked to be put thru to the ‘Managing Director’. When I enquired who was calling he stated his name and company and asked again to be put thru dismissing my query on what his company did. Now me, being me and according to my beautiful son, I can be very assertive, so I continued asking him about his company which didn’t go down very well at all. At this point, he stated I was being extremely rude to him and that he had no time to explain to me what his company did! He again demanded to know if my Managing Director was available and so I said “no” he was in meetings even though he was sitting in his office next to mine! He then said he wanted his name and title to which I merely replied ‘but don’t you already know his name and title seeing as you asked for him in the first place?’  I then gave him his name and correct title of CEO and he promptly ended the conversation again by telling me how rude I was.

Ah the joys of customer service!

Now, on hindsight, I could have handled this better by:

  • Engaging him in the first sentence
  • Perhaps persevering with my line of query
  • Offering to take his number and have my CEO call him back


Just telling him there was no way in hell I would be putting his call thru after being spoken to in that manner!

Yes, I like the last point the best!

Can’t wait for his next call!!





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