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Countdown is on…

1 sleep to go!!


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and 2 becomes 1 !!

I have no more words to say! 🙂

See you in Marseille!



And it’s almost here people!

2 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps!!

tock, Tick tock… 4 sleeps to go!

Suitcase packing coming along nicely! 🙂

My suitcase is open and on my bed!!

Now, just have to figure out what to put in it!!


Marseille/Paris is calling!!

Thinking about starting my packing !!

Single digit day has arrived people!!

Still have to start my packing!!

Last day of double digits – how’s that!

Still have to pack though!!

One day closer!!!

Still need to pack!!

And today I’m on 14 sleeps people!!!!

Have taken out my suitcase in preparation for packing!!

My sleeps are travelling along nicely I see!

How exciting for me! 1st of August today and I’m definitely on the countdown to Marseille/Paris/Strasbourg and Sweden! Hope you can hang in there with me and I promise I will reward you with my daily updates once I arrive!

ooh ah, the sleeps are getting closer!!

Have just had a whole day of listening to Jimmy Buffett songs on Spotify and thinking about how nice it will be to maybe score a ticket to see him in Paris in September!

40 Sleeps People!!

Now, if we break that down…… it’s 4 x 10 or 2 x 20 or I could just stick with 40! LOL

Counting, Counting down!

Another day, another sleep down!

Look at that I’ve reached 50 sleeps!

Won’t be long now for my takeoff!

Can’t believe how fast my sleeps are going!

Tracking along nicely I would say!   I am so looking forward to meeting my new friends Marc and Jung and Philippe in Marseille during my 8 day stay! Have been checking out my little studio apartment  Le Loft du Vieux Port on rue Saint Saëns which is very close to the Marina and seems to have a nice collection of cafes/bistros close by!  My landlord Romain seems very nice to deal with so far so I will be happy to meet him and hopefully he can pass on some advice about access to the beaches and other places of interest. 🙂

Oooh my countdown is moving along nicely I see!!

Last week I received the contract from my landlord (the best landlord in Paris I say!) which made me happy and glad all at the one time as I can’t believe what a generous rate he has afforded me for my 25 nights stay!  – merci beaucoup Jacques!

Jacques Seguin

Bonjour and welcome to my countdown!

I know, I can’t help myself and plus I need something to get me thru the coming winter months!

What better way to do that than keep me (and you) focused on my countdown to PARIS! 🙂

So, so, so, excited!

a bientot!






  • Do not forget, before, to dream about Marseille, the Overseas, to see the sea: see, the town is waitong for you…

    • Roniece

      ah merci Marc! I am looking forward to spending time in your beautiful city! 🙂


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