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Filed Under: My Ramblings July 3, 2011, 20:29

Finally back to feeling OK!

It’s now been a week and I have finished off my antibiotics and feeling so much better – almost back to 100% in fact!  I hope that’s the last of my quota for the winter months as it really is an exhausting process!

2nd Update!

I’ve now had two days at home this week.. Monday and Wednesday. I don’t know if the antibiotics are kicking in or not as I am still constantly coughing, so much so that last night I made myself sick from so much coughing!  Today I have just been resting and battling a severe headache which is not that pleasant but still I’m ok, snuggling with my babies is an added benefit on such a chilly and windy day outside!

I’ll keep you posted!


So after another restless night of coughing and keeping my husband and my babies awake with it, thought I had best venture to the medical centre on my way to work today just to check out my lungs! Turns out I have a throat/chest infection, slight temperature…. great!  Dr gave me some antibiotics and recommended I head back home to rest up for the day which is what I have done…let’s hope those antibiotics kick in for tomorrow as I have a busy day of meetings ahead!

This post has nothing to do with Paris!

But this weekend it feels like I have done nothing but cough my little heart out – well not so much my heart but my lungs certainly! Not sure where or who I got it from but it’s driving me crazy to say the least!  Two coughs every 5-10 minutes and only a little bit of phlegm each time!  Yes, I know too much information for you all but trust me it’s exhausting!  I can’t imagine what the lungs of a smoker would be like!

The only saving grace is that I think I have only got half the dose which is a good thing as I had the flu shot provided by our Company in April – let’s hope then it only stays around for another day at the most!

Apart from that – we had the most stunning of days today here in Sydney and we are in the midst of Winter!

Enjoy your week ahead everyone and stay ‘cough free’!!





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