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A Paris Journey… / My Work / Conference Over…

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For the last 3 days

I have been attending a work Conference…early mornings, late finishes, early mornings, late finishes.. you get my drift! We had around 100 of our members attend and the first night was our awards night where the theme was horse racing and so everyone was asked to dress up in their ‘Derby Day’ finery and enjoy the evening.  The room looked amazing decked out in horse balloons, flowers, and trophies and we even had a couple of Bookies taking bets on Phantom Races which were broadcast on a huge screen.. great night, great atmosphere and we were each given $10,000 to bet on…somehow miraculously I ended up with  $701,000 at the end of the night, this was because I pooled my money with another member and also because I wouldn’t take no for coming 2nd so the Bookie had no option but to reward me 🙂

The next night was a Team Building event… picture this 5 Naked Italian Chefs!!  LOL!.. well almost not quite, however their aprons were very artistic and left nothing to the imagination!  We were placed into teams of 10 and assigned a table where there were various ingredients for cooking your own pizza and nibbles.. lots of fun, flour in the hair, not so fun, drinks spilt on my jeans by one of the Italian waiters, not so fun, kisses (on the cheek!) from the Italian waiter to say sorry, made up for it though! It was held outdoors around the pool area and how anyone didn’t fall into the pool I simply don’t know! It was also very cold with a chilly wind.. bbbrrr.. but once we started it  was ok. Our members thought it was a great night, best Team Building event so far!

The last day was a training day and it was broken up into sessions… I was struggling to stay awake for some of it and by the end of the day I was exhausted – however it wasn’t over yet for me.. I had organised another dinner in the evening for a select group to meet our CEO’s and gain an update on our Company. It was a nice evening but again a late one! I checked out early this morning from the Hotel… home to  my boys and to finalise my packing for Paris!  I am totally exhausted but will hopefully get some sleep on the overnight flight to Abu Dhabi en  route to you know where!  🙂

See you all in Paris!




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