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Kia Ora!


Greetings from the land of the long white cloud where I am currently in New Zealand for my little brother’s wedding!

My husband Rob and I arrived on Friday into Queenstown and made our way down to Invercargill by rental car. The flight was uneventful and I was able to catch up on some sleep which was good as the Jetlag Gods still have me in their hands but hopefully not for much longer!  Flying into Queenstown was just gorgeous and the beautiful mountains with their snow clad tops were awesome to see once more.

It was a nice leisurely drive down to Invercargill which took us just over 2 hours and of course we made our first stop just outside Queenstown at a place called Kingston where we stopped to get a Jimmy’s Pie (first on the list of must haves!) at the little Cafe before carrying on our way.

Family time!

We arrived at my sister’s place around 18h00 and were greeted with hugs and kisses from my two sisters and brother, brother in law, sister in law, niece and nephews and it was a busy few minutes as we all did the meet and greets!

I love family get togethers! They are definitely bonding times and you just seem to know where you fit in within the family circle. In our family, it is no different, I’m the youngest girl, middle child and I have always known my place. My two older sisters hold rank over me so really when I am in their presence, I tend to keep a low profile and not make too many waves. I am usually just told what to do, directed in terms of kitchen and laundry duties and then expected to do it without question, without fuss!  Again, I know my place! LOL

On the other hand my two younger brothers can simply do no wrong! My sisters and I just love them to bits and after many years of being single our little brother Ray was finally getting married. We were all so excited and happy for him too! He is such a beautiful guy, a gentle soul and would do anything for anyone. Actually my other brother Steve is the same, so we are one truly blessed family!

Rain Gods on the day!

Saturday was the wedding day and unfortunately it was raining lightly when we woke up so it wasn’t a good start for a garden wedding but what could you do, the Rain Gods had made the call so it was decided that the ceremony would be held indoors where the reception was going to take place.

Rob was the official photographer for the day and he did an awesome job of capturing the moments and hopefully ensuring some lasting memories for Ray and Lisa.

I do!

Ray was looking a little nervous as he was waiting for his beautiful bride but as soon as he saw Lisa, his smile just said it all and you could visibly see him relax and just focus on Lisa as she walked into the room.

The lovely Lisa arrived fashionably late and looked radiant in her white lace dress, pearls and her beautiful smile. Her eldest son gave her away and he looked very proud indeed to be escorting his Mom on the day. Georgia, my gorgeous niece was her Flower Girl and James, Lisa’s great nephew was her Page Boy, both of them did a great job and looked so cute and beautiful!!

The celebrant did her job nicely, although somewhat nervous herself I thought but at the end of it, all went well and my little brother Ray got to kiss his beautiful wife! My brother Steve gave a wonderful speech on behalf of the family where he mentioned our Mom and Dad with much fondness and love and my tears somehow just welled up automatically at the mention of them. My sister Sharon was already visibly upset as she is still grieving the loss of her partner Ian and I stood next to her with my arm around her for comfort. I know Ian would have been so happy for Ray and Lisa though and somehow I’m sure he was with us as they made their vows and exchanged their words of love.

Family reunited!

Weddings are a great time to catch up with family members who you haven’t seen in ages! My beautiful cousin Kerry and her husband Richard from Brisbane were there along with my hilariously funny cousin Frank and his beautiful wife Lisa and it was so nice to be able to give them all a long hug hello! My favorite Uncle Keith and his lovely wife Kerry were there too and so it completed a Dawson clan get together and an evening filled with laughter and good times!

It was a wonderful celebration from start to finish and we wish them both much happiness and love for their future.


a Bientot!


Je vous embrasse tous!





  • Michael

    What a lovely recount of the day Roniece. I know it must have been nice to be in NZ after the long Paris visit. Sometimes it’s just good to get “home”. And how wonderful to have a happy event after the sudden loss of your sister’s husband. It can be healing, if not still painful, to see the cycle of life continue turning. Enjoy your family time…I miss mine.
    Je t’embrasse!

    • Roniece

      Thanks Michael…I appreciate your lovely words.. ‘home’ is definitely a place to be with family surrounding you!  xx

  • Kerry Trow

    Was such a lovely wedding, and was so good to catch up with everyone again. Family is, and will always be Love xx

    • Roniece

      Thanks Kez.. love you lots, but you know that already don’t you! xx Please say hi to Richard for me.. such a lovely guy! xxx


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