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Paris 2015

From my heart….

Paris... 2015

Here is a collection of my most recent words for 2015…. all from my heart, raw, uncensored, and I make no apologies….   No.1   You sit there with your smile so wide and your laugh so big and appraise me from head to toe and reach out when I’m not looking to caress my […]

From my heart…

words from Paris 2015

A collection of my thoughts… raw and uncensored.   1. And you must love and love in the here and now but do not rush things for all will be ok and everything will be put in its rightful place stay the course…   2. Your soul my soul in the here and now in […]

From my heart…

words from Paris 2015

A collection of my poetry written with love for my dear friend, Antonio, who lost his fight with cancer in February… may he rest in peace.   For Antonio….   1.    My heart is breaking and my smile is fading you fought the hard fight you fought with all you had I gift you […]


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!