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Paris 2012

My view…

words from Paris...2012

Lunching on Rue St Jacques at Bonbonniere Brassiere people are locals here they sit outside like me enjoying the Paris Sun Gods on their faces and backs   The lady serving me is very nice she smiles she is patient with my French I like her Maybe I need to be a bit more discerning […]


Words from Paris 2012

Patrick turns up each day at Mustapha’s And takes his seat outside to smoke His cigarette butts litter the curb His favourite drink is beer and water He speaks good English and we converse easily He tells me he is unemployed for now I think maybe he has been that way for too long I […]


Words from Paris 2012

Ahhh Paris! a nice little cafe a great rosé pizza to my liking fabulous day people I see people I know ahhh Paris! you simply fill my heart!           © 2012 Roniece.com

White trails…

Words from Paris 2012

  There’s a plane leaving Paris tonight I know because I can see the white trails in the sky above I wonder why people would ever want to leave a place so beautiful I hope they return soon as Paris needs people to love her She doesn’t cope well when people leave Thank goodness I’m […]


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!