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Journal entry…

June, 2016

Bonjour!   Journal entry: June 2016 Alors… She had encountered another good day in her hood! After last night’s highlight of dancing in the bar with the local boys from the 5eme and having fun, she thought today would be so much quieter but non! This morning on waking she called her sister in Australia […]

All about a boy…

living, laughing, loving!

  Bonjour! Journal entry: June 2016 Alors… from the get go, there had been an attraction between her and the 6ft6 handsome black man who worked on the corner of her street in the 5eme. After three years, the attraction was still there for both of them but nothing had come of it until last […]

Journal entry…

living, laughing, loving!

Bonjour! Journal entry: June, 2016 Alors… today, was a good day for her. She spent most of it in her little slice of paradise in the 5eme, listening to her music, which was mixed with sirens and loud explosions due to the manifestations happening in her city on that day. So she waited for them […]


generosity and kindness of heart

Bonjour!   It’s been awhile since I have posted here!  But thanks to my long time dear friend who I speak of below, he has inspired me to write! So, here goes people!   The importance of laughter! Alors… a long time dear friend of mine came to visit me last weekend in Paris and […]

My paris journey…

all about me!

Bonjour!   I had not one but two friends tell me this week that I should tell my story!   Alors… here is my story.   You will either like me or dislike me by the end of it and that is ok with me. Not everyone will get me and I believe what other […]

A review…

L'Appetit Sauvage Loup!

Bonjour!   I know this is out of the ordinary and I know I haven’t reviewed many bars/restaurants on here before, but still, when one experiences something good, then one should shout it to the world right?   L’Appetit Sauvage Loup 44 rue du Louvre 01 42 36 73 23 This evening on my way to dinner, […]

A Muriel rant…

about me!

Bonjour! I thought we had sprung into spring… but no, the winter gods seem to be hanging on for dear life! Tom pee…   Intervention of me! Yes, yes, it’s all about me (isn’t it always!). Alors…something is bothering me and what better way than to share the load right or, get a load off […]

Chateaux, castles…

and driving French style!

Bonjour!   Can you believe you haven’t heard from me since the last time I blogged? Mon dieu, what was I thinking, I have so much to tell you!   January, 2015! Alors… as you know this is going to be “my-find-a-man” year…but it seems I haven’t quite managed to start my search in earnest […]

A day trip…

out of Paris!

Bonjour!   Today, I went on a day trip out of Paris! ZUT! It was soooo much fun!!   Meeting the locals! Alors… my lovely friend and Muriel, Margarita, from Sydney, has been in Paris for the last few days and last night we met at LPC (Le Petit Cardinal) for chardy hour and I introduced […]

Free hugs…


Bonjour!   Wow! another post from me? I bet you are all asking this question…. “is it really her? this is her second post in two days!!!!” …. tom pee.. the answer is OUI!!!   International FREE HUGS DAY! Impressive huh!!… I had the distinct pleasure of being part of this thanks to my lovely […]


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!