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My Friends

The Muriel’s Club…


Did you know that there are now 83 Muriel’s in The Muriel’s Club! I don’t know about you but I’m pretty happy about it! We are now represented internationally in places all across the USA, UK, France, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. How cool is that!! If you are wondering what it’s all […]

A surprise visit…

and getting to know Miss Mia!

I just love surprise visits!! Yesterday, my beautiful friend Holly dropped in with her husband Ross and their gorgeous soon to be 2yr old little girl named Mia. It has been a few years since I have seen Holly but she is definitely a constant in my life and I love her very much! They […]

Lunch with friends…

an almost Kiwi affair!

Here’s to a Great Kiwi Chick! Today I went to lunch to celebrate my friend Louise’s Birthday (which is on 21/12). A group of us went to SIGNORELLI GASTRONOMIA which is a delightful restaurant in the city opposite the Casino. The restaurant is also an Italian Deli and you are surrounded by some quality products, […]

Did you know…

celebrations are in the air!

It’s only 53 days, 1 hour and 4 mins (at the time of writing!) until Christmas!! Yes, that’s right… Christmas is just around the corner and of course that means my Birthday is only 52 days away!! Mon dieu!! I have only just got over the one with the ‘0’ in it from last year!! […]

Muriels Unite…

with the right amount of Murielness!

Thanks to Facebook, I now have “The Muriels Club” page and chat function up and running! And for those of you that are reading this and wondering what the hell this is about, quite simply, it came about amongst my sisters and closest cousins .. all of whom saw the movie “Muriel’s Wedding’ and in […]

The Arties GTG…

Champagne & Boardgames!

Today I will be driving out west to Penrith via Blacktown. The reason is twofold.. first to stop off at Blacktown to pick up some homemade spring rolls (read divine!)  from my dear friend Enriqueta (one of my muriels) who used to live a few streets away from us but she and her family have […]

My Best Friend…

one wonderful woman!

My best friend is Jane De Souza… We have been friends for over 10yrs and our friendship has been one of ups and downs..mostly ups which is a great thing! We have had some wonderful times together and I value her friendship immensely. I will list and expand on some of the funniest times we […]

The Muriels Club

Muriel's galore!

You’re terrible Muriel!! Have been thinking that I might try documenting just how many Muriels there are in this selective club! Not everyone qualifies, you have to be of a particular breed and have a sense of the ‘crazy’ deep within you. Of course most of the Muriels are related in one form or another […]


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!