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Adjusting to…

Sydney life again!

Bonjour!   Donc.. I’m back in Sydney now and oui, I so want to be back in Paris!   Jetlag Gods! *sighs out loud* to noone in particular! Oui, the famous Jetlag Gods (JLG) have me in their hands and have been waking me at a reasonable hour of 04h30 which isn’t too bad considering […]

Rain, Rain…

and a few Muriel's thrown in!

Bonjour! Mon Dieu! It’s been raining Koala’s and Kangaroo’s here in the land Down Under! The Rain Gods visited Sydney early this week and they brought with them some major flooding and even managed to cause numerous accidents on the roads.  On Tuesday I drove up north with my boss and we were caught in […]

You’re terrible…


Bonjour!   I have some exciting news to share with you all… of course I have already shared it with my Muriel’s and now I want to share it with you! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, my readers are very important to me but sometimes my Muriel’s get first preference especially on this type of […]

Late night…

ramblings and some PPD!

Bonjour!   Can’t really say ‘Kia Ora’ now as I’m no longer in my homeland of New Zealand… I guess I can’t really say ‘Bonjour’ either as I’m no longer in my second home of Paris…mais tom pee!   Farewell Aotearoa! Our 10 days in the Land of the Long White Cloud came to an end […]

In appreciation…

some words of thanks!

Bonjour! Just need to say a few words about my boss, well my ex boss now but still, he was my boss and a good friend. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Gavin Ward who was the CEO of our Buying Groups of Leading Edge Group Limited for a period of 2 […]

I am strong…

I am woman!

Bonjour!   Just checking in… after all it is my first day of being unemployed! In the words of Helen Reddy… “I am strong, I am woman, I am invincible…!”  Well, not so sure about the invincible bit but I will give it shot! 🙂 A walk with my babies! I was up early to […]

End of an era…

and a new beginning!

Bonjour!   Some news just in …. After 9 years of working for my company, my role as EA/Office/HR Manager was made redundant on Friday, 2nd December. It’s rather an odd feeling I have to say. I knew it was coming from over a month or so of discussions with my CEO’s so really it wasn’t […]

A day in the life…

of a Murielle!

Bonjour! I had a nice day today so thought I would share it with you all! An early morning start! I was up reasonably early to take myself off to my little local flea market and wander around to see what bargains I could get. The morning was beautiful and I stopped for my regular […]

The Muriel’s Club…


Did you know that there are now 83 Muriel’s in The Muriel’s Club! I don’t know about you but I’m pretty happy about it! We are now represented internationally in places all across the USA, UK, France, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. How cool is that!! If you are wondering what it’s all […]

Cough, Cough

just a little!

Finally back to feeling OK! It’s now been a week and I have finished off my antibiotics and feeling so much better – almost back to 100% in fact!  I hope that’s the last of my quota for the winter months as it really is an exhausting process! 2nd Update! I’ve now had two days […]


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!