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A Paris Journey… / Family, My New Zealand / Catch ups…

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Kia Ora!


We now have only a couple of days left in New Zealand before we head back to Sydney!

It’s been a busy week of catch ups and spending time with family along with some sightseeing with Rob. The weather hasn’t been that great really and it certainly wasn’t the same as December when I was here for my brother in law’s funeral however we have had a great time of just being ‘home’.


Yesterday we went out to Riverton where my sister has a crib (a holiday house) but unfortunately now, the decision has been made to sell it so we went out to say farewell to some good times held in the lovely little crib over looking the sea!

We enjoyed a nice lunch at The Beach House and as the weather wasn’t that flash we all ordered the Seafood Chowder which was rather yummy (though afterwards my stomach did feel a tad off having consumed all that cream!).

After lunch we drove to Colac Bay which is another sea side destination with a rugged coastline and Rob was brave enough to get out and take some pics so I have to thank him for that as I will post some here for you to see!

Whitebait & Flounders!

My wonderful Uncle Keith asked Rob if he was interested in going floundering with him and of course Rob said ‘yess’ (I said that with a thuck New Zealund aksent Michael!) though he wasn’t sure what to expect but nonetheless he was enthusiastic about it!  Uncle Keith made sure Rob had all the right gear and decked him out in a wetsuit and hat and gloves and they headed out to Oreti Beach for an early start.  They ended up catching 90 Flounders and according to Rob the whole morning was a great experience but he was freezing by the end of it but was able to have a hot shower at Uncle’s before heading back to Sharon’s.

Uncle Keith and his lovely wife Kerry very kindly invited us back for ‘tea’ where they cooked us some whitebait and fresh flounders and enjoyed a great evening of reminiscing with some good laughter. Of course I was in Whitebait and Flounder heaven because they tasted sensational and because my beautiful Uncle was cooking!! 🙂  Kerry is such a beautiful person, so warm and caring, they are very happy together and I am so blessed that our family and extended families are so close. Uncle has said he will be giving us some flounders to take back to Sydney which he is going to pack in ice for me. I’m hoping the customs man at Sydney will let me take them thru… maybe I need to give him one of my signature koala’s to smile his day!! 🙂

Anderson Park!

Today, we headed out to Anderson Park Art Gallery which is a historic building approximately 7 klms north of Invercargill and located on 300 acres. It was originally designed by a Christchurch architect and completed in 1925 and owned by Sir Robert Anderson and his family.  It was Sir Robert’s wish that on his and his wife’s death, the house and grounds, including the block of native bush, be gifted to the city for use as a public park. The beautiful home now houses the Anderson Park Art Gallery Society’s splendid collection of New Zealand art, which has grown steadily since the society began in 1951.

I have some nice memories of school excursions to Anderson Park and remember well the duck pond and the bush walks and the playground. It is maintained today thanks to the Licensing Trust who has taken over the management of it. At one point, my great grandfather Richard Nash’s painting was displayed in the gallery which made us all very proud.

Fush n Chups!

Tonight, it’s Friday night and traditionally growing up we had a feed of Fush n Chups and some Lemon and Paeroa as a treat so Rob, Sharon, Kevin and me are having some for dinner in honour of all things Kiwi!  You know when you live in New Zealand you certainly get spoiled for fresh seafood and even take it for granted. It’s only when you leave that you miss it and for me it’s the same, I love New Zealand seafood – all of it!

Alors… I’ll be sure and touch base before we leave!


a Bientot!


Je vous embrasse tous!





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