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I’m in Canberra this weekend celebrating my two gorgeous nephews Birthdays!


A coach ride with Luigi!

I took the Friday express coach from Sydney Central at 15h00 and settled in for the 3.5hr ride down to Canberra. Luigi was our driver and before we left the terminal we were greeted with his very loud and happy voice. It seems he just felt the need to read the ‘riot act’ to all of us while standing opposite my seat (which was 2nd from the front) and told us in no uncertain terms about how to behave as passengers ie: don’t leave rubbish behind for him to pick up, only do number 1’s not number 2’s in the toilet, keep your ipod on low volume, no loud conversations on the coach via your phone and keep your safety belts fastened at all times as he reminded us that he learned to drive in Italy and ‘you all know how Italian drivers react when they get harassed ladies and gentlemen!’  Alors… after that little rant we then had to endure a 5 minute audio tape on safety regulations which Luigi insisted he had to play for us… perhaps just to reinforce his number 1 not number 2 message! 🙂

While Luigi was happily driving us (Italian style!) I concentrated on looking out my window all the while keeping an eye on Luigi just to be sure he was adhering to the Australian traffic rules! The amazing cloud formations kept me entertained for a couple of hours though as I was able to make out lots of different animals ie : frog, horse, giraffe, hippo, rabbit, bird, fishes, penguin and a few others which made me smile. The sun gods were having fun too it seems by playing hide and seek with the clouds and would hang behind some grey ones just for amusement but then lose interest with that and would magically appear to blind me from my window seat which meant my vision was a little blurred when I checked on Luigi’s driving as he seemed to appear headless in his rear vision mirror!

Donc.. I’m pleased to tell you there were no hassles with Luigi’s driving and by the end of it I think he may have thought I had an alterior motive as each time I looked at him in the mirror he looked back at me! Tom pee… I just had to be sure he was going to get me to Canberra in one piece! 🙂

Chilly in Canberra!

After leaving some warm temperatures behind in Sydney I was caught off guard with how cool the temperature was in Canberra when we arrived! I initially waited outside the coach terminal for my sister Vicci to pick me up but as I only had shorts on with a top it was way too chilly and so I headed back inside to wait. Vicci brought Minku her little dog with her and it was so nice to see him again. He just loves everyone and is very trusting so as soon as I got in the car I was smothered in kisses and cuddles, just smiled my evening then and there!

Birthday boy number 1!

My eldest nephew’s Birthday was on Saturday 24th March and we celebrated with a nice dinner and a homemade cake made by my sister which was pretty delicious too!  Lachlan turned 19yrs old and he has just recently completed his Gap Year in the Army. He is now a fully trained Australian Infantry Soldier and has chosen to carry on  as a Reserve Soldier which may or may not see him being drafted overseas (fingers crossed he won’t be!) We are all very proud of him and he is now looking forward to doing some travelling overseas with friends in June on a Contiki Tour thru Europe.

Birthday boy number 2!

My other darling nephew Connor turned 15yrs old today (26th March) and this morning I was lucky enough to get a quick snuggle from him before he left for school. He had his good friend Sam over for the weekend and they had a lot of fun albeit at my expense because they insisted on telling me jokes that I didn’t get (and still don’t!) which they thought was hilariously funny!  One of the jokes went like this: ‘how do you confuse a blonde? paint yourself blue and throw forks at her!’  … I mean seriously, did you get that??? Both Sam and Connor couldn’t for the life of them fathom out how I could not get it!! There were of course numerous others, all predominately blonde based too and it got to a point when I said enough was enough as I think I was definitely embarrassing myself which pleased them even more!! I heard on the grapevine from Sam’s Mother that she heard I had trouble with Sam’s jokes… I’m sure Sam and Connor will be broadcasting that same fact at their school assembly today! LOL

 Sun Gods smile my day!

Alors…today is Monday, and everyone is at work and school, just Minku and me at home enjoying the Sun Gods from the deck overlooking the pool… tempting as it is to go in, I won’t as the temperature isn’t quite warm enough for me!  I’m heading back to Sydney tomorrow evening though I could quite happily stay in Canberra for a few more days!

I’ll leave you with some photos of Minku just to smile your day…

a Bientot!

Je vous embrasse tous!




  • Denisefrombolton

    Goergeous pictures of little Minku.  he is so cute.  

    Sounds like am amazing coach ride. Giraffes?Hippos? penguins? in the clouds.   What had you been On ? LOL!

    Love Denise

    • Roniece

      Thanks Muriel.. lol… I was only drinking water I think!! LOL xx


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